The Vampire Diaries – Season 5 Episode 12 – The Devil Inside Review


Expectations this week were low, knowing that Katherine had taken over Elena’s body, using it as her own health sanctuary.

Now that Katherine’s body is actually dead, it’s Nadia who truly needs it. Katherine is living in Elena’s body, but it can only be permanent after a ritual involving her corpse. Sadly, Damon is not ready to give up the body to Nadia, and she is left with no choice but to find it using her own means; her mother.

Nadia is just like Katherine, and if the first one was already annoying at times, this one is even worse. She is a bit of a brat and although she is determined, it is exhausting to see her complain about something on every scene. Elena however, keeps coming back and forth between her body and limbo, and this has Katherine even more worried.


With the promise of a party at Tyler’s house early in the episode, we knew what was in store. This show does parties well, and it’s usually during these mixers that shit truly goes down. It was like watching an episode of teenage Revenge. Tyler finds out that Caroline slept with Klaus. Frankly, screw him Caroline, you made the right choice and your viewers support you! Katherine shows up pretending to be Elena, and it was hilarious to see everyone buying it. Surely after so long, someone should notice.


Nadia finds the body, Damon bumps into his old vampire friend and the ritual is completed. This probably means that Katherine is now Elena forever. We all know this isn’t going to last and this plot will keep going around in circles until Katherine finally gets Stefan.


Good on you for putting up a party and bringing back Tyler and some of the Mystic Falls drama that we love!


Now that Damon is heartbroken and kinda evil again, what does this mean for the rest of the group? Are we back to him being trouble?

Caroline and Tyler. Hmm not sure

Let’s hope Katherine has a better plan than compelling Matt every time she needs to know something, because it’s going to get boring quickly!

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Suburgatory – Season 3 Episode 3 – Open Door Policy Review

ImageI don’t know if the writers that work on Suburgatory also work on Baby Daddy, or if ABC just likes to throw the same theme around its shows on a weekly basis, because this week they both looked at the same thing. Open Door Policy was all about breakups, and how the characters deal with them in their own way.

Maybe the guys behind Suburgatory decided to bring Malik and Ryan back (even if it’s for a short while) because they knew they were missing something. Or maybe we were just missing the old George since he’s now fully turned into Hobo George.

ImageTessa even has to call in the reinforcements to sort this one out…

ImageDallas isn’t taking things anywhere near as hard as George is, and it’s a little bit weird. Surely, Dallas was more invested in George than he was in her, or maybe her divorce just changed the way she deals with breakup. Ryan dropped in for a little visit, with some big news (If your name’s Tessa, that is). Sheila has to be the craziest mother of all time, hands down. Sharing a bedroom with your son’s new girlfriend is a huge no, no.


He’s got a new girlfriend, and when she lets slip that she doesn’t go to school in Florida with him, but lives a few towns over, Tessa herself hits rock bottom. The whole point was that Tessa and Ryan broke up because of how sucky long distance relationships are, just for him to do a full 360 with someone else. Salted Caramel are the only feels Tessa needs right now.

I’m not loving the new set up, and I really do miss the characters that left the show at the end of last season (They really miss Rex Lee). The new intro is kinda crappy too. What was wrong with the old one? I remember a day when the show was so good it didn’t have to rely on gimmicks like that to switch things up.

Get it together Suburgatory,

The Ninja

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 3 – Lights! Camera! No Action! Review

ImageIt seems like the theme across a few shows this week was all about breakups and how we deal with them, but for now, let’s focus on Baby Daddy.

Lights! Camera! No Action! was an episode where not a lot actually happened, but we learned a few things about the characters. I’m pretty sure we’d never found out what Tucker’s job was before. I always thought that he just hung around the house, and was the jokes on tap guy. Turns out he’s not really a bum, and works behind the scenes on a tv show. (Anyone else still singing the Mary theme?)

ImageWe also learn how Riley’s feeling right now.

ImageWe’ve only ever seen her obsession with Ben control her love life, so it was interesting to see her stay strong. Ben tries to fix things with Riley, but when he turns up, Fitch is there. Ben does what any rational person would do, and blows up, assuming Riley and Fitch had hooked up.

ImageDanny’s not taking the news too well, either….

ImageIt’s safe to say that even though there were a few laughs, there were more serious issues for the gang to deal with. Bringing Fitch back was a bit of an odd choice, but it served it’s purpose, because as I said last week, something was coming down the road to derail them.

The funniest moments came (surprise, surprise) from Bonnie. Her mock interview of Danny was down right hilarious, and put her and Tucker together to make a theme song, and you’ll at least have one capable of making people laugh.

At least this way they hit the reset button, and even though things may be a little awkward for a while, Ben and Riley will eventually get back to being friends. I’ve said it all along, Ben’s got Emma, let Danny have Riley.


The Ninja

American Horror Story – Season 3 Episode 13 – The Seven Wonders Review

ImageAs the girls prepare for the seven wonders, all of us prepared to say goodbye to another season of AHS.

An evening that started with caviar and champagne turned into a gruesome night of horror and well.. surprises.


Everything was going well while the four witches performed the Seven Wonders, however it went tits when Misty died while descending to the next level. If you don’t make it by sunrise, you’re dead. She didn’t make it and sadly she ended up on a loop dissecting a frog over and over again. She turned to ashes and everyone had no choice but to move on.


After a game of ‘transmutation tag’, Zoe has an accident and ends up pinned to the front gate. Madison was at this point bragging about her powers, because that’s what she does best but when she refused to revive Zoe, she paid the price.


Kyle goes to the room and murders her. She had it coming for sure. Her old friend Spaulding made an appearance and told Kyle he would bury the body. Yeah right.


Cordelia ends up performing the Seven Wonders and she ends up being the Supreme. She revives Zoe and makes her and Queenie her wingmen. Myrtle tells Cordelia that she wants to be burned at the stake, for killing the other witches so Cordelia has little choice but to respect her wishes.



Fiona shows up, looking sick and less than glamorous. She tells Cordelia her standard speech of how much she hates her and then  babbled about putting a memory inside the Axe man’s brain, to fake her death. She inceptioned the hell outta him.


In the end she dies in Cordelia’s arms looking vulnerable and scared. Sadly it didn’t end there for Fiona. Everyone pays the price, so she ended up living in a stinky shack with her beloved killer boyfriend.

Cordelia goes to the media and tells everyone about her coven and the existence of witches, and opens the academy for all girls who have powers. It was way too happy of an ending for a show that can terrify you to the core, but perhaps with the whole witch theme they were aiming for something a bit more lighthearted?



Myrtle 😦

The levitating piano was definitely a very fun moment.

Are you looking forward to next season?

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Supernatural – Season 9 Episode 12 – Sharp Teeth Review

ImageHey everybody, Garth’s back!

After seeing Dean and Crowley team up last week, it was good to get back to the good old formula of Sam and Dean. They hadn’t seen or heard from Garth in six months, and I was beginning to wonder when the next one of these episodes was going to come around. It was around mid season when he popped up last time.ImageI kinda expected Sam to be a little bit more pissed at Dean for letting him be Gadriel’s darth vader outfit, but after almost ten years of their ridiculously bromantic I don’t know why I’m surprised at anything anymore. More than anything, dude just seems lost, and doesn’t have a clue what to say to his brother. Is it more stupid that Dean doesn’t even realise that what he did was wrong? (Again, why bother?)

Turns out Garth’s a wolf now, and is living with probably the most civilised family of wolves ever. It was a bit of a weird episode, in a way that we’re used to seeing the guys hunt and kill these kind of monsters throughout the nine series so far, not hang around for dinner.

ImageLet’s face it, every episode Garth’s been in before has been a little dumb, so we all knew that was coming. When Sam and Dean walked out on hunting, we saw that it ripped them apart, and inevitably, they came back, but life ain’t so bad for Garth. It’s been too easy an escape for him, and that’s what jarred the episode. He was a pure hunter, just like the Winchester boys, so it made no sense for him to walk out of it just like that.

ImageIt’s clear that in this season we’ll be visiting roads already traveled with the guys, but this time it’s their emotions that are at stake. In pretty much every other season something’s gotten in the way of them dealing with their shiz, and even though they’ve got their plates kinda full, something’s different. Even though Sam agreed to keep going, the fact his doesn’t really trust Dean anymore just crushed the guy. No more bromance for a while, I guess.


On a random sidebar, the CW ordered a pilot of a Supernatural spin-off, that will see monsters vs hunters on the streets of Chicago. Bleh! There’s a whole new cast, too, but with Jared and Jensen, it’ll be pretty tough to pull it off.

Get it together CW!

The Ninja


– Will Garth be back again?

-Good job coming clean about the mark of Cain!

– Will the guys acc deal with their problems for once?

The Originals – Season 1 Episode 12 – Dance Back To The Grave Review

ImageSo, after learning that Celeste has been there all along (hiding out as Sabine) we spend some time with one of her resurrected buddies, Papa Tunde.

ImageNot only was he a great villain-of-the-week, but he gave us a little break from the plot arc we’ve had for the first eleven episodes. I’ll admit, I was sad to see poor little Davina die (at least for a little while), but I have a feeling she’ll be back pretty soon. I can only think that this episode set in motion not only what The Originals will have to face in the last episode of the season, but also what’s coming next season.

ImagePapa Tunde was roaming around dropping vamps for fun, and all to steal their power. He takes Rebekah down was too easily. Not like she was born yesterday, is it?


He knows that it’s not going to be easy to take on Klaus, having lost to him once, and tries to get a head start. I hope the shows keep on with this Papa theme, because American Horror Story has rolled out some scary time with Papa Legba, and, even a little while back, Grimm had Papa Ghede. There’s something about sticking Papa in front of some ancient witch/monster/demon’s name and making it all the more freaky.


I know I’ve bitched about the flashbacks in the past, but I kind of enjoyed them this week. Not only did they show us what happened the last time Klaus took on Pops. It helped to see (again) how bad ass Klaus can be, because he was made to look like a little girl later on in the episode. When he opened the box talking about two sons, it was just classic Klaus. Their suits weren’t too shabby either.


Rebekah’s not looking great either, but thanks to Elijah and a bit of Hayley’s baby’s blood (don’t even go there) they saved the day in less than a minute.


I have to admit, I’m excited to see what’s coming now. For once, it looks like the original vamps have actually got some competition, and even though the four witches are already down to three, they’re pretty damn strong. My only issue with the episode was that when it was so easy for Papa Tunde to take down Rebekah and channel her power, how the hell can Marcel fight him off, even if just for a second. First of all, Marcel’s her bitch, let’s face it. She’s got years on him, and I just didn’t buy how it all went down.

ImageThe last scene leaves us with more questions than answers, and next week’s finale should be something pretty special at this rate. I’ll say it again, thank God they hightailed it out of Mystic Falls and went down to New Orleans.


Tune in next week to see what happens,


The Ninja

Ravenswood – Season 1 Episode 9 – Along Came A Spider Review

Picture 40

After some questions were left unanswered last episode, more questions came up.

Olivia and Luke’s mum has been arrested.. again.. Worst luck ever. This makes Olivia ask Mr Collins for help to get her mum out. No one wants to help them and since he clearly has a massive crush on her, he bails her out.

Picture 44

Also, Dillon is back in the picture when he pops in to say hi to Olivia and explain himself. This was his story: Ministry Camp. It better have been Ministry of Sound because this is ridiculous. She bought the whole story and they kissed. Luke, being her brother goes in search of Dillon and he finds him in the school showers. Dillon tells Luke that he made a deal with ‘someone’, so instead of him dying, Olivia was the one paying the price.

Picture 42

Dillon’s story is confirmed by Caleb and Miranda who sneak into the chapel. Mr Collins is always trying to keep people out of there, but these kids have no limits and they find a way in. They find some names on the floor and one of them coincides with Dillon’s last name. Another set of questions for the puzzle that is Ravenswood.

Remy uses the fact that she works at the local newspaper (owned by her dad) and publishes an article in order to help get Olivia’s mum out of the pickle she’s in and give Springer some peace of mind. Unfortunately the girl ends up losing her job at the paper and the trust of her dad along the way. As she walked around town disappointed (in the dark, as you do in Ravenswood), Remy sees the ghost of a young man, no doubt one of the many souls who have paid the price. Her visual experience didn’t end there because she also saw a very alive Mr Collins having a heated argument in his car with someone.

He saw her and drove off..

Good episode. At least there is more going on and Mr Price came back just like I predicted last week!


The Spider Lady was not quite relevant at this point because she was in the episode for 2 mins!

Those girls who were mean to Caleb, I mean, who is mean to him!!! Look at him!!!!!

Sibling interaction between Olivia and Luke was nice. We rarely see them together and fighting!


The Ninja’s Assistant

Being Human (US) – Season 4 Episode 3 – Lil’ Smokie Review

Picture 35

Big changes are coming ahead, and they won’t cease to surprise us.

Sally now possesses great power, with the magic book now in her mind! She can pretty much remember millions of spells by heart. This all happened while she was trying to summon her door with a spell. Donna appeared in the process and she burned along with the book. Now it’s all in Sally’s mind. Hopefully all this power won’t make her implode!

Picture 30

It isn’t all bad because she makes Nora’s scars disappear with a spell and she also gets to travel to the past again. This time though, she sees the girl that was murdered in the house along with a message on the wall saying ‘don’t leave me’. Ghostbuster Sally to the rescue!

Picture 37

In another great twist of events, Aidan is kidnapped by Kenny. He is now in charge of all of Boston’s vampires and Aidan is curious to know how. Turns out the kid can compel vampires, so this gives him great leverage. The only downside is he has to eat twice as much as a normal vampire. It was good to know his weakness at the same time as finding out about his great ability.

Picture 32

Josh is still recovering from being a full time wolf. Now, he can turn at will but everyone takes it as a side effect of his ‘stress’. Ugh, come on people! As if you hadn’t seen enough to give him a chance! Aidan was there to back him up and not all hope was lost.

Picture 34

Aidan also finds Kenny’s vampires dead and sees through CCTV (bless technology) that it was Suzanna, his ex who murdered them all. Revenge perhaps? Let’s hope Kenny doesn’t crush her like a piece of paper.

Picture 38


The back story of the house in the 70s was fun to watch.

Let’s wait and see how far Sally’s powers can go.

The Ninja’s Assistant

Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 17 – Bite Your Tongue Review


This week’s episode was all about last minute rushes. It all developed towards the second half of the episode. The first half was mainly dedicated to bringing in new characters and new story lines. Surprise, surprise.

Aria’s little brother Mike is now hooking up with Mona. Mind…blown!!! They met at a group in school where people can talk about their issues. Counselling with the new guy, Jesse. Anyone who puts their future in hands of Jesse can’t be in their right mind. Who is hiring the staff at this school?


Anyway, little Hanna who is now the queen of reading James Patterson (kudos to that), makes an appointment to see the dentist. Nothing in this show is at random, the appointment is at the same place where someone, potentially A went to. Turns out when Alison’s death was faked, someone swapped the x-rays of the dental records. Great way to avoid anyone noticing when they switched up the bodies. 

Hanna pays the price because she ends up being anesthetized by A and finding a little note inside her mouth. Hanna, you little raven.

Meanwhile Spencer is trying to score drugs from one of her classmates. Boy was fresh as a cucumber and Spencer instantly knew what was up.Image


With Emily still being super mad at her, she starts to investigate pages of the diary. Mainly photos she took on her phone. She ends up discovering a bar where Ali used to go with ‘someone’. When she sees Ezra there, having beer and pie (just like it said in the diary), she’s already put the pieces together. 


Emily was trapped inside the photocopy room, Xero(x) common sense girl! Her dad ends up climbing to the window and saving her. A’s tricks are getting more and more dangerous. They all end up meeting in Aria’s house and the girls bury the hatchet. It wasn’t meant to last long, not with all the chasing going on.


The police guy wants a piece of Hanna? I am so confused

Metal music playing on the high school speakers… lolz

Why is Mona dressing more and more like a divorcee? Smile and wave..



2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 15 – And the Icing on the Cake Review

ImageIn the most uneventful episode of the last two season all of the characters club together to give their approval of Deke. After Han complaining that Max is hanging out with him on the job, she decides to get everyone over to his house dumpster for a little get together. This is probably the first time that all of the shows main characters  are together in one place, and it was pretty funny.


For the first time in the show we see Max get serious enough with someone that she drops the L bomb. Deke drops his own right back like a classic game of battleships, and I found myself wondering what’s going to screw this up. It was great to see this side to Max because she’s usually the exact opposite.

ImageTurns out Deke is actually super rich, and Max ain’t alright with that. She flips, and we see again that Max is over having money. Deke is too, and he’s only scared of what people will think. Kudos, Deke, not everyone with money is as chill as you.

We see Caroline’s true colours come out. In the beginning she’s pretty anti-Deke, and is even uncomfortable hanging out in the dumpster. I don’t know why they felt the need to bring back her spoiled lil’ rich girl routine, and it was pretty annoying. She’s been on a huge character arc these past two seasons, and has really settled into the Williamsburg way. This just kind of ruined it for me. Let’s get her back to the more chilled out version of Caroline, there’s a chance we might like her!

ImageNo one should be that excited about money!

Something was missing this week, but I can’t put my finger on it. It just didn’t feel like an episode of 2 Broke Girls at times.

See you next week, girls,

The Ninja