Almost Human – Season 1 Episode 7 – Simon Says Review

In the latest installment of the show we see Kennex, Dorian and the team facing a set of future problems. To start with, a solar flare had caused all kinds of electronic disruption, meaning that all robot officers will be charged on a priority basis. We begin to see the issues between the DRN’s and the MX43’s. Presumably the MX43’s don’t know how to feel, so let’s assume this is a DRN related issue only. Dorian states that he doesn’t want to be charged with the MX’s and can go without for now.


We then cut to a man in a suit, driving a car. He gets stopped by someone offering a electro-wash. The driver is attacked, and wakes up with a bomb tied around his neck. (Saw, anyone?) We see the victim as a live stream, the viewer count rising all the time and the live chat that goes with it.


With almost no break in action whatsoever, the team has the name of the next victim but they are too late. She’s already been drugged, and the bomb is around her neck. They manage to save her, which, obviously sends the mad man into a bought of rage.

His next target is Kennex, who having helped rescue Jeannie attempts to diffuse his own bomb. The only catch is that the killer is stood at a high vantage point with a detonator, and will blow Kennex sky high if anyone tries to help.


Magically, Dorian calculates a route to avoid detection and literally climbs the building hand and foot, all while his battery is running down.


This was probably the only scene I actually enjoyed in this episode, and using the dying battery to work against Dorian was different in the exact way Almost Human needs to be, but the excitement was too short lived. It blows my mind that in a show where robots are such a big deal, they are used so sparingly. Surely, the whole point of bringing in Dorian’s character was to give more personality to a bot than the bland MX43’s.

There are times when I’m watching Almost Human where I feel like I’m being teased into feeling that I’m watching Fringe’s younger, more naïve cousin. I say teased because that’s really what it is; the advances in technology are great, and open the door to so many possibilities, but, not unlike Fringe at time, it fails to deliver.

It reminds me a little too much of I-Robot, minus the Will Smith factor. I have to admit, that I’m impressed with the relationship that’s developing between Detective Kennex and Dorian, his robot partner, but the fact that Dorian is a different type of bot to the standard MX43’s needs a little more development. Am I really the only one wanting to see Dorian throw down with one of the MX’s? Let’s hope that’s in the season finale!

In this episode, we also see Dorian begin to lose his emotional control as his battery life depletes, and this brings out some interesting ideas. Is that the kind of emotional instability that got the DRN’s shelved in the first place? Let’s hope we get to see more of it.

I really hope this show sticks around, because with a little tweaking I really think it could be a good show. They need to bring more of the dangers of the new technology to the table, without sacrificing the backstory and issues surrounding the robots. If they can do that, and find the right mix for the show it could go a long way, but if it keeps trudging forwards as a procedural with robots it might end up in Fox’s slush pile.

The Ninja


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