Dads – Season 1 Episode 12 – Mister Edna Review

Ever since Dads started airing this season, people have not been convinced. Some blame it on Seth Green, (a lot of people out there really don’t like him), others blamed it on the racial stereotypes it portrays, etc.

Truth is, I really enjoy the show, and although it has had its ups and downs regarding the script and the comedy factor, it is always easy to watch and is one of those ‘lazy moods’ type of show.

Episode 12 ‘Mister Edna’ was not particularly great, but it had a couple of good moments.

The problem with this show is that it has great potential. The show has a good cast and a very heart-warming premise, but it fails to deliver with all the exaggeration.

They just try too hard.

This episode sees Edna close to being sent back to Mexico after Eli’s dad tells an officer she is an illegal immigrant. Eli, destroyed by this begs his dad to fix the problem. In typical DADS fashion, he decides to marry Edna and make Eli happy.

The wedding was a mixture of tears, a groomzilla and plenty of fabric. Most of the jokes revolved around the fact that Warner is a little wedding planner inside and that Eli’s dad and his new bride are getting it on. CONSTANTLY!


This leaves everyone speechless, especially Eli, who at this point can’t wait for things to end since Edna has become obsessed with looking after him and taking the mum role quite seriously.

In the end, they get a divorce and it all goes back to normal, with Edna still being Eli’s cleaner and now more of a mother figure than before. Hugs were exchanged and everyone was happy because their 20 minutes of airing were over.

It was an OK episode, I know they can do much better with their humour and really bring out the best of every character. Having Fausta from ‘Go On’, I expected for the writers to make her a lot more fun.

Warner on the last scene just listening to Fiona Apple reminded me there is a generation out there who used to listen to her and probably still do, so points for that.


The Ninja’s Assistant


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