New Girl – Season 3 Episode 11 – Clavado en un Bar Review

So, how does Clavado en un Bar try to recover things after a worse than lackluster start to the season?

With Flashbacks, that’s how! (I mean, who doesn’t love (SPOILERS!!) fat-suit Schmidt, and Latvian B-Ball Winston.) They’ve played the game well, too. There’s no doubt in my mind that this was little more than clever planning, and some great writing from the guys behind the scenes to try to recover somewhat of where they’ve left us at. For the first time in almost a year I feel somewhat like I’m watching the old new girl again.

It was a long road to recovery. The decision to bring Schmidt’s ex girlfriend Elizabeth back into the equation not only derailed the great Schmidt-Cece train, but messed with his whole character. It reduced one of the greatest characters on the screen to a shadow of himself, and while I did enjoy getting to meet some of the real Schmidt, it just didn’t work. He became way too unlikeable, and we didn’t respond well.

I have a feeling the reason Clavado en un Bar worked so well is because it dropped most of the main storylines of late, the never ending Schmiddy love triangle and Jess and Nick’s (borderline) annoying relationship, in favour of some good quality time with the gang. The episode we’ve wanted for so long, where we actually get to see more backstory for all the characters is finally here! More than ever, New Girl needed an episode like this, where we could sink our teeth into it and be reminded of happier days.

The writers managed to bring Cece back in a lighthearted way, where we see that she was Jess’ first ever student, something that was a nice touch and build more into their backstory as best friends. The new Cece is even more interesting than she was before, and the whole ageing model/bartender gives her a new twist. I think it’s safe to say that even if Cece and Schmidt don’t get back together soon, the show has missed her general presence.


The message here was clear, people always reinvent themselves based on the opportunities and situations they’re given, but the people they are inside generally stays the same. Even though season three hasn’t lived up to the hype of season two in anyway, the fact that the same bunch of guys are still together (plus the Coach!) means that this new year is full of new potential for the guys on New Girl.

Have a good night,


The Ninja



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