Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 14 – Who’s In the Box Review

To see Pretty Little Liars re-appear on TV has been one of my biggest satisfactions of 2014. With the show being such a guilty pleasure, I was truly looking forward to see what was in store for this episode.

The episode ‘Who’s in the Box’ was by no means a disappointment, but it was definitely one of those ‘tying knots, closing doors’ 45 minutes. Last time we saw them, Caleb was already in Ravenswood, Alison was ‘alive’ and begged the girls for help because she is ‘in danger’. Ezra went from Mr bohemian romantic teacher, the I-drink-tea type of guy, to the kind of creep that lurks in the shadows. This twist definitely left us all quickly making theories and assuming that Ezra is of course, A.

The episode begins with the girls doing some catching up at the crypt where Alison’s remains are. As you do, you know every Saturday. However, this time the girls are assuming that since Alison is alive, someone else must be inside her grave. So, since they are a super team of teenagers with unlimited resources, they discover that another girl had disappeared at the same time as Allie. Her name was Sara Harvey and she was pretty much a beesnitch like Alison. It seemed like a good match according to Hanna, who by the way, took the role of Spencer and came up with all the good ideas.

Toby returns and makes out with Spencer outside school, as Mona cruises by in her new Mustang, (courtesy of Jenna). Toby tells Spencer that during his absence, he was able to talk to people from the mental hospital where his mum died and apparently everyone stays at. I guess Radley is the one and only choice for mental health, and also the people of this town seem to have a lot of mental issues. They know it all leads back to that place and all its secrets. Again, it’s like the hotel to the stars, so a lot of secrets must have been kept there.

Hanna tells the girls that she is willing to meet up with the friends of the other ‘missing girl’ with the hopes to find out if it could be her inside Ali’s grave. After their ‘discussion’ Aria gets an apology from Ezra, right after he talks in class about Jekyll and Hyde. Hmm.

Not long after, Aria calls him, he picks her up and they go to a very rustic house and well, he gives her a set of keys and Aria being her naïve self takes them like I would take a new pair of shoes. Did I forget to mention there is a hole in the ground of his house and he is probably keeping or planning on keeping someone there? Or maybe it’s just extra book storage.


Emily and Hanna meet the other girls, and soon after, one of them is already at Emily’s workplace trying to ‘have a chat’. Wasn’t the pot of hot water quite funny? Also, it shows the lack of weapons at her workplace and the lack of creativity from whoever handed her that coffee pot. Emily is a warrior, she could’ve done better than hot water in a freaking coffee pot. The point being, the girl told Emily that Sara, her friend, was a horrible person and that she wished she was truly dead. Also, it was clear she wasn’t the girl in Alison’s grave since someone had seen her on her bike the day after Alison was ‘murdered’. So, that’s fifteen minutes of my time I am not gonna get back.. sigh..

However, things got funky when Mona and Ezra had a very interesting moment when they sat to have a coffee and pretty much behaved like dicks to each other. It was like oooh Mona is about to blackmail him, she knows he is A, or at least she knows something. But then, Ezra has a comeback telling her she is special but vulnerable. And that fear is a powerful tool, blablabla…


The worst part about this episode was having Caleb back to see Hanna just to tell her he had to go to Ravenswood for a while. It was pretty much a sad break-up with more tears from Caleb than I expected. Perhaps his departure made Hanna realise that she needs to do something about Ali’s diary that she stole from Ravenswood and is now in her possession. So she took the girls to the Crypt again, and showed them the diary. She apologised for not showing it to them earlier, but apparently there are very bad things written about all of them in there. As if we didn’t see that coming.


The episode ended with ‘someone’ peeking inside the hole at Ezra’s house. If it was Ezra, why would he be in a hood? In the dark? Too much to handle right now..

Other notes:

I am happy Hanna’s mum got a job working for Mrs. DiLaurentis. I am however concerned about Mrs DiLaurentis because she gave her the job because Ali told her to in a dream.

Caleb’s departure definitely leaves room for some new love affair for Hanna, and perhaps some new faces!

Kudos to the show for making the Aria and Ezra moments really uncomfortable now. It is hard to believe there was once a time where it was all love and marshmallows when all I see on screen is like a scene of paranormal activity. It makes me cringe… in a good way.

Emily’s hair looks so amazing, this whole ‘hating’ on Alison is working wonders on her scalp.

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