The Goldbergs – Season 1 Episode 12 – You’re Underfoot Review


The main reason why I wanted to do reviews of The Goldbergs is because it is a Tuesday night comedy gem. At first, I was less than convinced, the idea of a show about a family in the 80s was totally lost on me, but I’m glad to say the writers have completely changed my mind.

Not only is it a show that everyone can relate to, in the fact that we either connect with one of the three children, or the parents, if not both, but most of the feel good moments that come from the show are moments we have all experienced as well.

In You’re Underfoot, the Goldberg gang deal with multiple issues. Beverley asks Murray to get Pops out of the house, and Adam, the centric character (he should be, the show is also written by him) decides it’s time to get rid of his toys the minute a girl shows interest in him. He is goaded into the act by his adolescent brother and sister who tell him if he ever wants a girl to like him, he’s got to be rid of the toys.


So, he gives them to the little brother of the girl he likes, hoping that will win her back. We see Beverley have one of her classic meltdowns, where the writers make struggling to let go of your children funny and lighthearted.


What’s captured viewers is no doubt their ability to stay true to their ideas and execute them in a way that we can all relate to.

I still think the show falls somewhere between That 70s show, and Modern Family, but it knows exactly what it is, and what it can and can’t do. Without the fake laugh track in the background, we can decide for ourselves when to laugh, something that mostly happens in my house when the decibels get raised. The pilot was somewhat overdone for some people’s liking, and since then the scream-com as it was being billed has toned it down to a successful level.


It uses the 80s to bring the family closer together, (at least geographically) and doesn’t rely on heavily cliched jokes from the period. There is no hiding behind Facebook drama, or jokes based on the last season of The Bachelor.

Aided by it’s wonderful cast, the show continues to prove to be comedy gold. Not only is it a reminder of a great era, but of a great era of TV, and they manage to give us such an authentic feel without it ever feeling forced.

The Ninja



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