TROPHY WIFE – Season 1 Episode 11 – The Big 5-0 Review

As part of Tuesday comedy nights, Trophy Wife has been cementing itself as one of the funniest new comedies of the fall. Its Tuesday night competition has been mostly solid, with The Goldbergs the only other show showing recent improvement in the ratings.

This week it put in another solid episode, centering on Pete’s 50th birthday. We start the episode with a family dinner where Pete explains that they’ll be celebrating his birthday one day early because the day itself is cursed. Obviously, instead of pandering to his demands, Kate decides to plan activities for them both. This is what I like about Kate, she is trying to adapt to a more grown-up life but she keeps it fresh for everybody else, bringing the comedy factor.

Picture 29

The birthday celebrations get interrupted by lost lobsters, and an overly-long wait at the DMV for Pete, as he has to change his licence. At the same time, Diane is forced to share a couple’s massage with Jackie; plunging the two of them into having to spend time together. Pete is forced to retake the road test.

Since the start of the show, I’ve been intrigued by what makes it unique. Pete’s two ex-wives bring an opportunity for comedy that other shows don’t have, and Trophy Wife does not disappoint. Jackie and Diane are polar opposites, but this episode showed that there is a relationship worth developing there. Most of the two’s comedy moments have come in scenarios where the family is together, and never really when they are alone.

Kate and Pete’s marriage reminds us that no matter how old you are you can still have fun in your own environment, and that it is the little things that make life special, like pyjama pants. The episode attempts to leave us with the message that no matter whether you are thirty, or fifty, everyone is a little bit scared of growing old. So, enjoy it, while you can.

The Ninja


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