American Horror Story – Season 3 Episode 10 – The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks Review

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The internet has been talking about the current episode of American Horror Story non stop. It comes as no surprise seeing as it was amazing. It had all the elements that make the show great; spells, death, Stevie Nicks singing next to a piano, the list is endless…

This week showed us that once again, nothing is what it seems in witch town. Every episode it seems as if someone else is going to be the Supreme, but nothing is quite clear yet, (although we all know who it might be). The good thing is that whoever it is, is keeping Fiona away from the crown and her powers. She is still dying.

In a very surprising twist, Marie and Fiona have bonded somehow, with Marie going as far as saying ‘it’s a relief to have found an equal’. I guess bitches do stick together after all.


It was great to see some of Marie’s back story. It made the episode different from the rest, focusing more on her deal with Papa Legba and less on the whole ‘witch hunt’. It was refreshing to see more of Marie, perhaps now that Jessica Lange is leaving the show she will take over as queen-bee of all things cray.

We got to see the bad guys pretty much going bankrupt after the witches put a spell on them for their hunting. It is clear we haven’t seen the end of these hunters just yet. Now they have felt the witches’ rage they will attack will full force no doubt!

Fiona is having real bad luck, and karma is catching up with her because, after trying to do the ‘Marie’ and invoke Papa Legba, the deal failed. He was having none of it, because she had no soul. Lolz, as if we hadn’t already noticed.

She still has cancer and her boyfriend is a murderer. At least she’s friends with Stevie Nicks, so she’s got that going for her which is nice.

Misty was once again her very naïve self. After a wicked funeral scene, she got hit in the head with a brick by Madison and that was that. She was in a coffin. On the other hand, Madison should know better. It was Misty who brought her back to life, so clearly the girl is coming back.

A lot of this episode focused on Nan, she went from being a super witch with mind control powers, to just hanging out with Papa Legba. Smart girl, can’t blame her for choosing better surroundings.

Towards the end, Fiona and Marie proved us once again that they are indeed the magic duo, when they murdered Nan on the tub and sealed the deal with Papa. Clever girls.


Stevie Nicks. Awesome!!!

Myrtle is so crazy that she reminds me of that teacher from the Magic School Bus.


Papa Legba is Broyles from Fringe!!! Mind.. BLOWN! It has been a delight seeing him in such a different character than his usual FBI/Police roles.

Every time they say supreme I just think Diana Ross

Am I the only one who skips the intro? The noise is truly something out of a nightmare.

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