Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 11 – And One to Grow On Review

We all know how Modern Family works by now. Pair up the characters, let them deal with whatever’s happening and bring everyone together at the end for some feel good time. This week was no different.

And One to Grow On sees Phil take Luke to dance lessons (by bribing him with ‘autopsy camp’), Alex wanting to practice her driving (something that Claire is paying Hayley to deal with), Mitch and Cameron lose their wedding venue to a pair of sweet-sixteeners, while Jay tries to teach Manny a lesson about girls.


While Phil is out driving Luke home from dance class, he is pulled over and arrested, obviously for something Hayley did. This leaves him in custody and sets in motion one of the best comedy moments of this season. In the earlier seasons these moments came in bunches every single episode, something that helped shoot the show to the top of the charts, and helping it pick up 18 Emmys and a Golden Globe along the way.

Claire has to run around the house trying to decipher Phil’s code for where he’s hidden the secret stash of money in the house. This was hilarious, and really made me feel like I was back in Season 2 reliving Phil’s greatest hits.



And One to Grow On was also the first birthday of Joe/Fulgencio, which he shares with his brother Manny. Gloria spent most of her time panicking about the two of them having a party together, until Jay made the valid point that Joe is only one and wouldn’t know any different. The new nanny, who we’ll come to in a minute, asked if Jay was sure to which he responded with a classic Jay line: “He’s one. I’ve watched him pee onto his own face and smile, so, he’s good.” I was in tears.

Jay and Gloria’s nanny is now settling into his role nicely. At first, he was a little too much. His rants about parenting, and the way it should be done not only were annoying, but went against a fundamental rule of Modern Family. The three separate parts of the Pritchett/Dunfy all have a different way of parenting, and we see this through from all three points of view, giving a rounded view that there is no one size fits all rule. Thankfully, the writers have reigned him in, given him less screen time and toned his character down when he is there, which has successfully made him a great addition to the team.


The thing I’ve always admired about this show comes into play towards the end of the episode. Even though everyone spend the first fifteen minutes dealing with their own issues, they all came together at the end. This not only gives you endless room for comedy, but the chance to have some kind, heartfelt family moments that the show does so well. At the end of this week, Manny was waiting for a girl to come over so that he could give her a coat back, that she’d left at his party. As the whole family was there, they waged in with their ideas on love, and how they all took time to grow on their respective partners.

We we’re left with Manny telling Phil that if he had waited six months for Claire, he was prepared to do just that, and Joe dropping out his first word; “Jay.” Just a glimpse of some of those squishy moments.

Have a good one,

The Ninja


– How old is Luke now!

– “Foot-loser.”

– Anyone else finding Lily’s crush on Manny way creepy?


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