Ravenswood – Season 1 Episode 6 – Revival Review

Ravenswood, oh Ravenswood. Who is the fairest of them all? Surely not you, but it’s good to see you’re trying.

Another episode aired, and with it came even more questions. We saw Remy having really lucid dreams, where she sees the original Caleb and Miranda, spying on a bunch of people who created a curse, a spell – something to protect the town’s soldiers in times of war. That is how we know that in order for soldiers to come back, some teens have to die.

The episode felt like a mild scene from American Horror Story mixed with all the drama from PLL. Unfortunately, Ravenswood is about the supernatural, (ghosts, creepy little girls, jars with hair lol) so the drama and the whole ‘sex talk’ scene with the girls was a bit.. meh. I mean, ten years ago that would’ve worked, but now it is all about keeping an audience gripped to the plot, and sex talk without the sex makes it a bit boring and cheesy.

I do give credit to Meg Foster, who plays Carla Grunwald, I mean those eyes! The woman can not only keep her cool, but she ain’t scared of shizzle. It does get me a bit frustrated that all these people know so much, yet no one is saying anything. It would be nice to get a bit more of the story, because right now it’s just guessing.




I want the show to have a bit more structure. Too many characters, too many side stories and we only get a glimpse of them! Points for making it scary with the little girl and the scarecrow and scary stuff in general.

I want to see more of what happens between Olivia and Luke’s mum and Raymond, Miranda’s uncle. I think he is super sexy in a very creepy way and deserves more screen time.

Remy’s dreams in the episode did have a bit of the creepy factor. Let’s face it, no one wants to find an eye ball in their cup of coffee.

Who is that who turned into a crow and why?



The Ninja’s Assistant


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