The Middle – Season 5 Episode 10 – Sleepless in Orson Review

At the beginning of this fifth season I was worried by the news that Axel was going to be jumping ship and going off to college. This presented the writers with a big problem. How were they going to manage to keep Axel as a main part of the show, without having him come back in a less-than-believable way? First off, they decided to keep him close by, allowing him to come and drop his laundry off with mom. (Let’s face it, who hasn’t?) In typical Axel fashion, he failed all of his classes, and quickly dropped out of college only to return back to the Heck house. The writers have done their best to keep things fresh this season, bringing in more adult issues for the kids to deal with as they all grow up.

Sue is now dealing with romantic problems, something we’d never seen her tackle much in the past. Even though we have seen her dating Darrin, it was extremely short-lived, (As any relationship with your elder brother/sister’s friends would be) and I for one would have liked to see more of it. Well, I guess that ship has sailed…



Brick is scared that the Hecks will be the next target of a local robber, and decides that he’s safer sleeping outside of his bedroom.


To the Brick lovers out there, how are you feeling? It was easy to fall in love with Brick when he was the young, cute-ish kid that whispered things back to himself in the middle of conversations. (I know what you’re thinking, but trust me on this one.) Now that he’s getting older, the writers are making Brick a little more quirky, even leaving Frankie to say in this episode…”Is it my imagination, or has Brick gone a little off the deep end.” We might have to agree with her, there.

This week, Axel is doing his best to make some money through his company, Boss Co; the place where everyone is a boss. To no surprise, the guys at Boss Co come up with a genius way to kick back and get paid. Axel cooks up a plot to let nature do it’s work, and chill out for the rest of the day. Who else is shocked that he didn’t do better at College, or is it just me?


Predictably, the guys didn’t get the snow moved and got fired. Who needs money, anyways? All in all, a decent enough episode of The Middle to show you why you keep watching. The show does feel a little like it’s winding down to a close these days, and if it does, keep an eye out for our Sue Heck wall of fame!

The Ninja


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