The Mindy Project – Season 2 Episode 12 – Danny Castellano is my Personal Trainer Review


The Mindy Project is very much like Mindy herself. There are ups and downs, mood swings and a bit of incoherence, but overall the jokes keep coming.


This episode was a good start to the new year, focusing on going to the gym during January. Mindy’s plan is to get in shape before a romantic getaway with her new boyfriend Cliff. This was a good idea from the writers, and is no doubt linked to the fact that a lot of people start to get into shape at this time of year.

When Mindy is told she will have to wear a bikini in January, things in the office get pretty hectic. Morgan offers to provide her with personal training, but when things fail, it is Danny who takes up the job.

The best part of the episode was Danny’s workout technique to push Mindy to the limit. Having to imagine to rescue hot Hollywood stars in dangerous situations, aka burning buildings and car crashes, makes it worth the sweat. That, and this little moment in the steam room…

ImageOnly one way out of this situation…


The Mindy Project is great because it knows what it is as a show. The scenarios are very believable, and the issues that Mindy raises apply to a lot of women. That being said, a lot of the other characters’ issues are also very real. For example, Dr Reed’s weight gain showed that it’s not only women who worry about their image.


Mindy should release a Mindy’s rhinestone workout fashion line

Can the office keep Owly as a pet?

Danny’s views on her body was an unexpected touching moment


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