Elementary – Season 2 Episode 13 – All in the Family Review

Elementary has returned, but not in full force. This week’s episode sees a lot of Mafia murders and people stuffed in barrels and being blown up by cars.

We saw Holmes and Watson do what they do best; try and solve the case. It was pretty standard.

This episode was like being a grandma and falling asleep in front of the TV. There were gripping moments, but those only happened twice during the whole 45 min. It was like a never ending catholic mass, the case kept going on and on and on. There was no excitement; no quirky clues.

We are used to an Elementary full of mystery, and personally I enjoy the crazy procedures and experiments Sherlock uses to solve his cases. However, this episode focused more on his emotional side, which we rarely see displayed with such freedom.

His fight with Detective Bell showed us a more vulnerable Sherlock. It’s as if his own ego does not let him understand how someone could possibly not want to be near him. To be fair, Holmes is the reason why Marcus can’t even hold a pen, much less a gun.

Detective Bell, or well, Marcus, proved that you don’t need to be a British genius to be a dick. This week he was top of the douche bag list. It was interesting, but exhausting to see two full grown men go at it like teenagers.

The plot about the Mafia and dirty cops is always a good premise, especially in New York. There can be guns, explosions, bloody faces. I just wished we had seen a bit more than fat old gangster’s living rooms.

The episode got me thinking, are the producers and writers not concerned about ratings? Considering this was the first episode they have aired this year, I was expecting a bit more drama and adventure, not a filling episode about a failing bromance.

Jonny Lee Miller is a treasure. I love the way he portrays the character, but the writers need to give him more to talk about. He can’t be the only character with substance!

All in all, I am still rooting for this show, it has potential and perhaps next week all minds will be blown. We hope.

The Ninja’s Assistant


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