Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 10 – Second Chunce Review

In Second Chunce (Nope, not a typo) we visit Pawnee for the 100th time. Leslie struggles to come to terms with her last day as a city councilwoman, Anne Perkins and Chris find out the sex of their baby, and Tom finally sells Rent-a-swag.


Parks and Recreation likes to make the most of its roster, and gives everyone an equal amount of screen time. This season though, I’ve really missed Andy. I know he’s been there in flashes, but his move to London was beginning to annoy me. Now that he’s back, we get some of his classic behaviour. Like mowing the lawn at 2am, and…


The funniest part of the episode had to be Dexhart’s sex scandal (He’s had a few). Not only did it set off Leslie’s alarm bells, but it was down right hilarious. I’ll never forget this little gem: “I’ve been texting, sexting, even tex mexting, which is where you send photos of your junk from the restroom of a Chili’s-to-go…”


Mrs. Dexhart didn’t see the funny side of it…


The entire crew do their best to convince Leslie not to run for Dexhart’s seat, and for once she actually caves. Maybe it was the pep talk about running for the Senate that just for one minute distracted her. My only real issue with the episode was the lack of Ron Swanson and his stash!

Where to next? Back to the Parks and Rec Dept for some old school laughs.


The Ninja


– Dexhart’s sexting alias? Lee Harvey Teabag!

– Should Leslie run again for City Council, or are her Senate aspirations her destiny?

– Anyone else want more Ron and April?


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