The Big Bang Theory – Season 7 Episode 13 – The Occupation Recalibration Review

ImageHow do they keep doing it? I think The Big Bang Theory is probably the only comedy that doesn’t disappoint, and manages to churn out great laughs every week. The one thing we learned this week? Don’t get between Sheldon and science!


He’s forced to take some holiday days, and true to Sheldon’s nature, he’s not very happy. Sheldon without science is like a big mac without the meat. Cold and crunchy; and The Occupation Recalibration showed that in many ways. Bernadette tries to replace a comic book of Howard’s, while Howard and Raj try to keep Amy company while Sheldon’s off work.

This gave the writers an opportunity to develop Amy’s relationships with other characters rather than the girls and Sheldon. Amy has been a breath of fresh air to the show, bringing in a new comedic dynamic, and finally giving Sheldon the awkward girlfriend he’s always needed. What has happened to Amy, though, is that she’s rarely left alone with the male characters in the show; opting to spend her time with the girls, and with Sheldon. This week, we see Raj and Howard’s relationship with Amy grow. Not only do the guys offer to take her out to lunch in Sheldon’s absence, but they end up helping her out of a uncomfortable situation as well. Kudos to the writers because we’ve been waiting for this for a while!

ImageI’ve never quite understood Stuart’s role in the whole show, and at times I struggle to understand why his character wasn’t cut a long time ago. He doesn’t add much to the group, and is popping up less and less all the time. They’ve even shown us a better comic book shop now!!


Another solid installment of the show. Now let’s see that wedding!

Take it easy

The Ninja


– Sheldon’s yoga was great!

– Still can’t believe Amy was BLOSSOM!!!

-Will Penny and Leonard ever get married!?


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