The Crazy Ones – Season 1 Episode 13 – Outbreak Review

My only problem with The Crazy Ones is that two good actors alone do not make a good TV show. Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar have consistently carried the other characters throughout the series to date. The guys behind the show tried to remedy this by bringing in another well known actor to the screen, Brad Garrett, (Everybody loves Raymond) in a move which saw the worst two episodes of the season to date.


The thing about this show is that it’s funny. What’s that you say? That can’t be right. A comedy that’s actually funny? I know it’s been a while. The problem with comedy is that by the time you reach the third, fourth and fifth seasons the jokes are stale and the comedy factor has worn off, much as we have seen recently with How I Met Your Mother, that has struggled to deliver in later seasons. The formula works well, and some of the funniest moments come when Robin Williams and his team work on their pitches. I wasn’t sure how an advertising agency would work as a backdrop for comic moments, but it’s made for one of the best comedies of the fall, even if the ratings don’t always agree.


In order to bring the other minor actor’s characters to success something needs to change. It’s easy to understand to see why Andrew is in love with Sydney, but he’s moved to the top end of the quirky scale in recent weeks and it’s killing his funny moments. Zach was the character I struggled to warm to the most, I found the storyline of him sleeping around stupid as it didn’t connect at all with the what’s actually happening in the show.

I really hope the bosses and execs keep this show around because, as I said before it’s genuinely funny, and I don’t even hate the 90s style blooper reel at the end. With a little reshuffle, or a rethink about a few of the characters personalities, we could very well have a new place for comedy on Thursday nights.

Have a good day

The Ninja


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