Bones – Season 9 Episode 12 – The Ghost in the Killer Review

Bones is already an institution. Everybody likes it, and although it has had competition through the years, it has stayed consistent and the murder cases just keep coming.

This week’s episode opened with a horrible ‘dream scene’ from Dr Brennan, where she pretty much gets rained on by a hailstorm of bones. ‘It’s raining bones’ was probably playing in the background. The scene was terrible, but then again, I feel like it was a way to portray that even her dreams are awkward.

Anyhow, Pelant, who is now dead, was in her dream telling her there is a Ghost Killer out there on the loose. Stuff of nightmares right there.

Picture 17

Picture 15

We saw Temperance like never before, obsessed with finding this killer and losing objectivity. She didn’t even care there wasn’t enough evidence, because she knows deep inside something is really going on.

On other matters, we saw a bit of Hodgins’ background and what his life was like growing up as a ‘white collar’ child. There was talk about bullying, because well, who isn’t talking about it nowadays? Still, it is always great to see those who work at the lab give it a go in the outside world.

The episode was just a mix of ups and downs, and mainly just the story of a rich kid who was a bully and then tried to make amends. It was like watching part 2 of any trilogy, you know that when the film is over, nothing is going to happen and you will have to wait a long time before finding out the outcome.

At least we know there is a serial killer on the lose, and because it’s Bones, everyone on the team is now willing to ‘keep an open mind’ even though there is no evidence to support her theory.

Let’s hope for a kick-ass episode next week and more excitement than crying scenes next to dead bodies.


The dead guy’s sister looked extremely suspicious. I thought she was the killer, but I guess I was wrong.

Who do you think is the Ghost Killer?

I think Temperance should start painting ceramic skulls for relaxation. Maybe that will open her mind.



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