The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 12 – Fear and Loving in New Jersey Review

Those out there who are not watching this show are seriously missing out. The Neighbors is a really funny, interesting and definitely different type of comedy show. It has aliens, funny names, British accents and the ability to make you laugh.


During this week’s episode, we hear of Larry and Jackie’s mugging. Aliens and safety, huh? Who would’ve thought? So, Debbie and Marty, being good neighbours and friends explain the dangers of everyday life to them. You know, the usual kidnappings, robberies, etc. It’s safe to say, LOL, that they ended up building a panic room in the Weaver’s bedroom.

Picture 18

This episode was great because we also got to see Amber trying to set her nemesis Jane straight once and for all. Things didn’t really go as planned, however, it was a great moment for her character. It is the first time we actually got to focus on her emotions, as sarcastic as they might be. It was refreshing and it gave the episode that emotional element.

Picture 17

What makes this show different is that the children, as young as they might be are very wise and up to date on pop culture. Let’s face it, children nowadays are wise and tech savvy, so seeing children acting like actual children of our time is awesome.

Overall a great episode. However dysfunctional both families might be, they have kept it interesting and definitely left us wanting more!


‘Kidiots’ as a children’s response to ‘Jackass’ was brilliant. Someone call TLC and make this show happen. (just kidding)

Amber calling Jane ‘The ET who just won’t go home’ was the best ever. Regardless of the outcome and her break-up with Reggie, that phrase will stick with us for a long time.

Jackie is a NINJA!!!!

The intro song. Best idea ever. I know it’s been there for a while but I love it.


Peace out,


The Ninja’s Assistant






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