Helix – Episodes 1 and 2 – Pilot and Vector Review


Over the weekend I caught the first two episodes of Helix, and was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been keeping an eye on the project since I heard it was coming out; it caught my interest based on the tagline, and I wondered how they’d handle setting a show in the friggin’ arctic!

Helix is a show about a team of CDC agents, who head off to a scientific research facility in the middle of nowhere to track what looks like an outbreak of an unknown virus. The one catch? The only surviving infected scientist is the brother of the lead CDC agent.

The arctic aspect of the show, I love. From the minute their chopper lands and they shuffle inside I was already feeling uneasy. The facility itself is cold, and antiseptic, which kept me on edge and made me uncomfortable. Okay, i’ll admit, I dropped a couple espressos just to stay awake in the first twenty five minutes, but after the exposition was done, I was loving it (maybe I was just bouncing from the caffeine).

Alan, the head CDC agent understandably wants to see his brother Peter, and try and get ahead of the virus. The head of the facility, and all of his scientists are just a bit shady, and don’t seem to like people asking questions about what they do there (even if it is about to kill them all). Not to mention already having seen Dr Hitaki give the infected Peter water, before declaring that it was “progress.” Are you creeped out yet?


By now it’s not looking great for the team. Alan and Dr Jordan unzip a body bag to find a whole lot of that Black ooze. Dr Jordan’s the most pussy of the team, because she puked all over the inside of her helmet.



Not the right move to make in front of the new boss.


Crazy Pete as he will now always be know got out of his cell. How, you ask? He just ripped a whole right through the solid metal roof and burrowed his way into the air ducts. At this point, I’m feeling pretty edgy, and have just cancelled that ski-holiday I booked (who knows, right?). The pilot hour wraps up with Dr Boyle wondering where all the monkeys were. Alan thinks that what ever’s happening to Crazy Pete is changing his DNA. The last scene of it, Crazy Pete swoops down, with the arm of a guard he’d ripped off before and uses it to access another part of the facility.

Once, Vector started everything felt a bit different. The nice, open shots we’d had before had changed, and were now at more awkward angles. The once thing the shot changes did were they drove home how small this space felt for the team. It already felt claustrophobic when we travelled deep down into the facility, well below the surface. Now I feel like I’m in a sinking submarine that’s creaking with all the pressure, and I’m bricking it.

Crazy Pete comes in a mouth attacks some scientists, and tells Dr Walker that she’s there for a reason. Dr Jordan sets about helping the newly infected scientists, until they turn on her and Alan is forced to take over. Terms like unregulated research are thrown around, and we see a bunch of frozen monkeys outside the facility. Pretty sure those guys had the right idea!


It’s safe to say that Helix won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s a lot going for it. The dialogue is dicey, and at times becomes downright ridiculous, but the tension and mystery did enough to pull me through. I enjoyed this double header, and am excited about seeing what happens next week. I’m just not sure how long this one can go for, and with the amount already given away, I can’t see it going more than two seasons.

There was just enough time for Crazy Pete to join Dr Walker for the worst shower make-out scene ever!



– A virus that forces it’s host to spread it – No thanks

– Keep your suit on next time Alan. That’s CDC 101, bro!

– Keep those funky elevator tunes coming!


Hope you’re having a good Monday,


The Ninja


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