Revenge – Season 3 Episode 12 – Endurance Review


They couldn’t have chosen a better name for this episode. In this week’s ‘Endurance’, Emily’s limits are tested by no other than the oh-so-evil Vicky Grayson.

Emily’s worst nightmare comes to life as she wakes up in the beautiful Grayson Manor. She knows Daniel shot her, and for once we see her completely giving up. In just one episode she finds out she can’t have children, is living with the enemy and she breaks up with Aidan.


The amnesia part never made much sense to me in the beginning, however, it has played well with the whole shooting scenario and it has been an opportunity for Emily to re-assess and truly accomplish her goal.

Revenge is not a ‘cat-fight’ type of show. It is more of a backstabbing, snitch collective. Everything has a cycle, and I believe the characters do make the story come to life. In this case, the Nolan-Patrick relationship has already had so many twists and turns this season, but did not disappoint.

Right now it’s unclear whether Aidan will be out of the picture for good, but since he was shackin’ up with Niko, Takeda’s daughter, he has something up his sleeve. He always does.

It is difficult to point out the best moments in the episode, there were so many! Emily summoning the press and making an entrance like she was the Queen, what an epic moment. This is only outdone by Victoria finally getting a hold of Emily’s box. Glad that her and Nolan had a plan B.


Now everyone thinks she is a gold-digger and a bad, bad woman. Even Jack. She can’t catch a break.

Hopefully the final episode of the season will give us even more surprises, because from what the last scene told us, Emily is well on her way to becoming Victoria 2.0.


Margot’s hair and Nolan’s striped jacket take the ‘fashion’ prize this week.

More shirtless!!!!!!

Are Daniel and Sarah going to become a little dynamic duo? She gives the impression of not being such a nice girl after all. Double trouble!


The Ninja’s Assistant


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