2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 13 – And The Big But Review

Picture 17

Max and Caroline are back with a boom! The two broke girls and their peers have managed to make us laugh our lungs out this week.

It doesn’t come as a shock that the show manages to provide an excellent script, and this episode takes the biscuit for most laughs.

On a snowy day, everyone ends up trapped inside the Diner, with Han making a late entrance and Max and Deke ‘studying’ for their baking exam. Deke (played by Eric Andre who is a legend), has been a great addition to the cast because he is hilarious and Max’s perfect joke partner. Caroline might not be as funny as Max, but this episode proves she is crucial for the jokes to happen.

While Caroline is dealing with her doomed ‘relationship’ with married Nicolas, it is Max who is struggling to come to terms with her feelings for Deke. Judy with the Booty, Max’s classmate, is also interested in Deke. When he leaves the studying session to hang out with Judy, Max realises the ‘bro’ status won’t cut it.

Picture 19

The show demonstrates that you can do a lot with little time. A run by Max and Caroline to steal the exam from the school turns into Deke’s attempt to kiss Max. By making the fire alarm go off. Intense five minutes of TV right there.

Picture 20

Giving the girls a chance to come out of the diner a bit more often has done wonders for the script. All the random characters, as seldom as their appearances might be, are always quality.

2 Broke Girls is always fun, and they are not scared to go a bit dirty with their jokes. Oleg, Han, Sophie, Earl and new addition Luis are great roles that combined, make a statement in comedy unlike other shows out there.

Good comeback girls!


Happy we got to see a lot of kissing and making out.

Oleg’s ‘Chincheetah’ hat was a great purchase

Is it me or do some of the jokes seem a bit improvised? I am not complaining, I really like it and it makes it look more real and young.


The Ninja’s Assistant


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