Being Human (US) – Season 4 Episode 1 – Old Dogs New Tricks Review


Being Human has proven with it’s brand new season that those with a hunger for the supernatural won’t be let down. The first episode of the fourth season had not only new locations, but a lot of new trouble ahead!

Last time we saw Sally, her and Donna went down the ‘funnel of love’, a dark hole in the middle of the stairs of the house. Now, they are in a day spa, created by Sally. Apparently, every time she sees trouble ahead she creates these places in a second plane/dimension. Eventually, she gets sucked by another funnel, this time a bloody one and she wakes up in a supermarket. Warning, flashing images of random pilgrims throughout the scene.

At the woods, Nora and Aidan are sort of crashing in a trailer in the middle of nowhere. All to make sure they can cure Josh and stop him from being a full-time wolf. It is quite sad because Josh, who is usually the one rooting for everyone else, is the one who wants to die and let everyone be free. His curse is his friends’ too. The show has always done well at making their characters as human as possible. It fascinates me. They might have abilities and be different from the rest, but the way they handle their daily issues are definitely with their human traits.


Aidan has a girlfriend, and in a creepy twist from the writers, he sees his dead witch/wife while he is on top of his current girlfriend. Nice touch.

On top of this supernatural cake is Henry. Remember that kid that begged Aidan to turn him because he was ill? Well he is now pretty much in control of Boston and the whole vampire community there. Impressive and yet terrifying.

There is plenty more to come, and this is only the beginning. Once again, there is a sense of a bit of structure bring put in place, but it’s only the first episode and this show does not tend to disappoint. If anything, it’s pace has improved a lot since the beginning.


Everyone is thinking about it, Josh’s beard! The wild has been kind to him, no doubt.

This whole storyline with Sally and Donna is very interesting. I wonder where it’s going to go from here. Are there more witches on the way? What is Sally really capable of? Also, having Sally back means they’re all going back to the house, right? …


There was a bit more nudity than usual in this episode. Again, not complaining, just tone down the moaning, yeah? No need for it, especially after a scene where someone is being stabbed with a knife!

Aidan’s wife, say what?!

🙂 The Ninja’s Assistant


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