Castle – Season 6 Episode 12 – Deep Cover Review


Castle and Beckett’s wedding planning continued this week, with the pair discussing venues and when they are going to fit a wedding into the schedule. Let’s hope it’s soon, because the wedding chat is getting a little old already, and I kind of hate myself for saying it. This is one of my all time favourite shows (those who know me know why), and I’ve willed them to be together since the beginning – I just kind of want them to get on with it, now.

This week’s victim met his end (surprise, surprise) via a gunshot wound. He’s got a low income job, but an amazing apartment, so naturally, our observant detectives state that something doesn’t add up (A+ for skills, guys). Naturally, he’s got a laptop stashed in the floorboards, and it takes the team way too long to connect the victim, the laptop and the flat.


We then meet Castle’s dad (something given away in the, ‘next week on Castle’ feature at the end of last weeks episode). The only reason this wasn’t completely terrible, is because Castle knows as much about his dad as we do – which is pretty much nothing.

ImageIt was then obviously going to be an episode where we see how the main characters are affected by his father’s presence. Castle, his mother and Beckett all become involved in a ploy to help good old popps out, which infuriated me. Would Castle really trust him? Would Beckett? Why the hell didn’t Castle’s mom boot him out the minute he got stitched up? As you can see, I’ve got questions.

It turns into a spy game – and Castle and his wife-to-be jump in without asking a question. Castle’s always been a bit of a goofy character, balanced by Beckett’s steely exterior, but as she inevitably gets closer to Castle, is she becoming silly, too? I can’t decide.

When it looks like all is lost, Castle’s dad turns up (in around five minutes…I give up!) and saves the day, not before disappearing, taking the body with him. This creates a problem for the case, but instead of doing something about it, they just forget it ever happened. Again, this was hard to buy into. A detective as wise and savvy as Beckett would never have made those mistakes before she was shot (she’s never really come back from that), and it’s frustrating. I thought she might at least want to look at Castle’s dad for murder. No? Oh, well…


I’m not sure how or why we are supposed to feel sorry for Castle’s dad at the end of Deep Cover. His involvement has always been less than minimal, and I failed to see what he added to the show in this installment. Maybe we’ll see him again.

Another average episode to follow last week, and not even the excitement of finally getting to meet Castle’s father could keep me interested at points.

Let’s hope the show is soon back to it’s best.

The Ninja


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