Mom – Season 1 Episode 13 – Hot Soup and Shingles Review


Mom is all about making fun of the miserable things in life. The show gives the impression of being clumsy, but that’s what shapes it as a really funny, honest comedy.

In ‘Hot Soup and Shingles’, Christy sprained both her ankle and her arm. Being the control freak she is, she insists on going to work and doing things around the house even though the pain is excruciating. She should write a book on the dangers of groceries and slipping in the rain.

The episode also gives us an opportunity to see a bit more of other characters. Baxter, Christy’s ex- husband and Luke, Violet’s boyfriend and future baby daddy start to bond. Even though Baxter is not Violet’s dad he is a part of the whole family life, so it was a nice twist.


I prefer when more screen time is given to Bonnie and her anctics, because she really makes the humour pop out with every line she delivers.

The show is a great opportunity to disconnect from our daily life and see the positive side to even the darkest of situations. If Christy, who is the poster girl for failure, bad decision and bad luck can do it, so can we.


It is nice to see Baxter trying, I would love to see him interact a bit more with the whole family.

Roscoe dancing with his grandma, and Baxter with the sofa on fire are the reasons why I watch this.

The premise about this show of not having the typical ‘happy family’ layout is a big plus. It makes it interesting and relatable to have people discussing relevant topics such as addiction and being a single parent with humour. I know it slacks sometimes, but the essence is there, it just needs to be polished.


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