Sleepy Hollow – Season 1 Episode 11 – The Vessel Review


Sleepy Hollow came back last night with a bang! There’s now only one episode left, and The Vessel did a great job of cranking up the tension, leaving us hungry for the finale next week. This show is all about character, and all the revelations this week played into that. The one thing that they’re doing amazingly well with at Sleepy Hollow is how much they’ve fleshed out the relationships in only eleven episodes. We’re already investing in these characters, and for good reason.

When the show opened it seemed like the idea of bringing Ichabod Crane to 2013 was an odd choice, and was written off quickly. As soon as the show premiered, I was hooked. There’s great chemistry between the two leads (Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie) and to say that we’re only eleven episodes in, they feel like a team that’s been together for years.


In the aptly named The Vessel, we had a nice little flashback of Corbin to introduce this weeks nemesis. A part of me wishes Corbin had stuck around for a while, but I have a feeling he’ll continue to pop up throughout the show. The guys go up against a demon called Ancitif, who’s apparently super good friends with our favourite creeper, Moloch.

This week’s plot was split in two, with Ichabod, Abbie and her sister Jenny teaming up, and Irving dealing with some family issues. Moloch threatens to hurt Irving’s daughter if he doesn’t present him with Washington’s bible by nightfall (cause by 7pm isn’t old school enough). This can only be to tell us in big bubble letters that the bible is more important than ever before (who knew?), something we had confirmed at the episode’s close.

Possession was the flavour of the week, and even though it’s pretty much the most overdone thing you can do to create horror, seeing Irving’s daughter possessed was one of the most terrifying moments of the season so far.

ImageIrving’s feeling the heat, too!

It got even creepier when Ancitif told the gang that he’s buddies with Moloch, and that their plan was already in motion.

What I really like about this show is that it follows a similar formula to another great show, Grimm, where the crazy (and at times farfetched,  insert headless horseman with sawn-offs moment here) supernatural elements balance the more monotonous procedural part of things. This was a tight, fast paced episode that left out the clunky flashbacks and exposition that’s seen the show dragged down in previous weeks (they’re not all bad, but there’s been plenty more misses than hits), and it made for some good watching.

Be sure to check out next weeks finale!

The Ninja


– How good is Tom Mison!?

– “One sign of the Apocalypse is surely skinny jeans.” Ichabod Crane.

– This moment:



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