Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 14 – More Bad than Good Review


Let’s give a round of applause to MTV!

Last week’s episode of Teen Wolf was to say the least, a heart attack inside a screen. It was epic, engaging and energetic. Ever since the show’s direction changed from ‘high school teen drama’ to ‘let’s creep the shizzle out of these kids’ it has been amazing.

Last week we were left clueless, when Derek and his uncle Peter were in a bit of a pickle; being electrocuted and tortured by some random man. This week, we see that the random man actually works for an evil lady, who wants to find the She-wolf. Shakira, perhaps? Peter was having none of it, but the lady wasn’t either so she chopped off one of his fingers without hesitation. That’s a woman right there!


Scott, Stiles and Allison are still in Wonderland. I mean, the door inside their minds is still open, so she still shakes like a maraca, Stiles can’t read anything and Scott is scared to turn just in case he stays like that forever. However, their thirst for danger never disappears, so they go looking for the ‘coyote’ who is actually a girl.

The show does this very nicely, especially when Stiles looses it during class. All of his friends have some sort of supernatural ability or connection, however he is the most human of all. It is impressive to see the writers giving him a supernatural issue of his own, rather than dealing with those of his friends.


Kira, aka the new girl, and Scott really like each other, and it was fun to see her dad embarrassing her in front of her crush. It reminded me of the not-so-good old days. She was attacked by the coyote by the way, but Scott saved her. Shalalaaaa


It wasn’t long until the gang was already loading a gun with tranquiliser to chillax both the coyote and her dad, who had already lost the plot.

Towards the end it wasn’t all lost. The girl became a human again, thanks to the help of the guys. Allison shot the dad to stop him from shooting his own daughter (in coyote form), and Scott showed her he is the Alpha, therefore she instantly transformed.

Overall, quite good. It was fantastic to see the FBI people walking away from the Sheriff’s office. Even better to know our super team is back in full force, without trembles or reading issues.

Keep up the good work!


Isaac and Allison make a great couple on screen. Sometimes writers forget that there can be more than one relationship between characters without making it trashy.

Lydia was so nice to Stiles, it was heartwarming to see the roles reverse.

Those four shapes on the last scene, what the hell?!

Allison on the autopsy table definitely makes the top of the list for most scary nightmare ever!

Kira, no doubt, will become a bigger character as the episodes air.


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2 thoughts on “Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 14 – More Bad than Good Review

  1. This season has definitely been a lot darker! I like that they turned from melodrama to a more dark- fantasy centered storyline. I can’t wait to see what those firefly demon things are going to be.

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