The Blacklist – Season 1 Episode 11 – The Good Samaritan Killer Review

ImageI’ve enjoyed the Blacklist of late, and The Good Samaritan Killer bounced along decently enough in the ratings considering the show is no longer following The Voice, and keeps the show in good shape heading into the back end of the season. Reddington has disappeared and is going off to figure out a few things, leaving the FBI pissed, and trying to find him.

For the first time this season, we see the things Red’s done begin to weigh on him. The executions from that episode keep flashing up, causing him a bucket load of stress. In typical Red style, he figures it’s time to kill some folks. The first of two plot strands follows Red as he takes out each and every person associated with who he’s after.

ImageThe second follows The Good Samaritan Killer, one hell of a creepy guy. In his delusional world, he takes his role as a guardian angel of the abused a little too far, inflicting the same wounds on his victims as they have on theirs. It’s certainly a new idea, and one that was pulled off well, at least to begin with.

My issues with the episode were that it was way too easy for the FBI to catch onto the killer and find his identity, considering that he was someone who had killed seven times previously and never been caught. My next problem leads on from the first – To say that he’s got away with killing for at least seven murders worth of time, he’s pretty sloppy. He gets caught because “He was the first responder at the Emergency Room for each of the victims partners.” Really? Might have been just a bit of a give-away.

ImageI don’t know how long The Blacklist will go on for. Surely, there are only so many names on The Blacklist and pretty quickly they’re going to run out, and that’s why this episode unnerved me. Half of it was spent distracting from the list tying up loose ends from the mid-season finale, and I worry this is going to be how the writers slow down the completion of the list. Reddington’s got a thirst for murder that can’t be curbed, so I’m sure there’s plenty more of that to come, too.

Even though everything was far too easy for the FBI agents (I mean did Elizabeth even have backup when she took him down?), I still enjoyed the episode. They need to get Red back on a leash, and fast because he’s going nuts. He strolls back in at the end of The Good Samaritan Killer to have a small but touching moment with Elizabeth, before telling her it’s time to get back to the list.


– How long is this list?

– Guess Lizzie doesn’t care that Daddy’s a murderer.

– Do you really think Red is Elizabeth’s dad?


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