Brooklyn Nine Nine – Season 1 Episode 13 – The Bet Review

ImageI wasn’t sure what FOX was thinking when I first watched this show. Andy Samberg is a funny guy, let’s face it, but there’s times when his lead role in this show, Jake Peralta, is just plain annoying.  A new Chief comes into the Nine – Nine to clear up the precinct and fix its numbers.

They managed to put together a good cast, and any show that has Andy Samberg and Terry Crews is going to pull in a decent comedy audience. Chelsea Peretti (The Office), Andre Braugher (Last Resort) and the rest of the team do well in their roles, but it all feels like they’re there to support Peralta’s character when we start becoming frustrated with him.

This week’s installment centers around a bet that Peralta and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) make. Whoever gets the most felony arrests wins the bet. Peralta wins at the last minute, forcing Santiango to go out on a date with him. Through the stupidity of Peralta’s character we see that he has genuine feelings for Santiago (something they’ve been building up to for a while), and it endeared us towards him – something that hasn’t happened enough this season!


Detective Boyle wins a medal of valour, but takes too many painkillers to enjoy the post work celebration…

ImageAnd what were supposed to be comedy moments involving Holt, Terry and Terry’s wife, didn’t really work, and the jokes fell flat.


My main issues with the show so far is that every single character has their personality turned up to 11. Peralta is too stupid to be likeable at times, Santiago tries far too hard, Boyle is too soft and Rosa is the most aggresive character on TV (something that I find more abrasive than funny).


I feel that all the other characters play second fiddle to Peralta, and are only there as back-up because one character can’t carry a whole show. I know Samberg, and the show just won a Golden Globe each, but there’s still things to work on. FOX won’t be complaining; they just need to reign in the characters personalities a little and figure out how to make us like and care about Jake more than we do now. If they do that, they might just go far with this one.

The Ninja


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