Person of Interest – Season 3 Episode 13 – 4C Review

ImageIt’s nice to see the show taking a different direction these days. They’ve never minded to change things up over on Person of Interest, with the intro alone having been revamped at least three times. The machine is now working off page, and instead of being controlled (somewhat) by Finch, it’s growing and working by itself, cancelling and delaying flights to put Reese where it wants him.

ImageIt doesn’t like to give up, either – Finch finding out the hard way that what the machine wants the machine gets. It spots him in an airport and cancels the flight he’s on, instead forcing the terminal computer to cough up a flight to Rome (1st class, no less. Guess the machine looks after it’s friends). Once he’s in the air he receives a text that says 4C, and he’s supposed to know what to do next.

ImageI’ll admit, this episode was definitely a bit down the silly end of the scale. No more than five different assassins try to kill the target (I guess Virgin has a hitman discount, or something) and Reese has to fend them off one by one. Admittedly, the guy they were after had set up a website that connect people to drugs, cutting out half of the cartels business in the process, but I still didn’t buy all the killers. The fact that the only person who saw anything at all was a little kid was also a little dumb. How does Reese fix this problem, you ask? Give the kid a dash of scotch in his sippy cup! The flight attendant didn’t even question him. I mean, really?

Reese takes out the last assasin who’s flying the plane, and leaves them in a bit of a pickle, but because Finch is a technical genius, he whips out a virtual flight deck and lands the plane from the comfort of home (good thing he’d left the Xbox360 remote in the other room). A+ for skills there, Finchy!


4C dragged a bit, and was in part a filler episode that was designed to have Finch save the day, and gain Reese’s trust again in the process. I thought it was typical of Reese to want a new suit before leaving Italy. Maybe we’ll see him in red pinstripes next week!

The team is back together, and is now using the memory of Detective Carter to drive Finch and Reese back into the field to stop as many people from getting hurt as possible. It was a nice end to the episode, and hopefully we’ll soon get back to the rip roaring action Person of Interest has always been known for. I’m looking forward to Reese kicking some more ass!

The Ninja


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