Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 15 – Love ShAck, Baby Review


Lies and closure were the topics of the week on Pretty Little Liars. The diary turned out to be a confessional for Alison, where she would use pseudonyms (different names) to talk about the girls. It wasn’t hard to figure out who was who, considering they all know their very own secrets too well.

Emily had a dream where Alison tells her about the diary, so she decides to go to the woods and sits on a rock. The rock had the initials EF and AD drawn in it. It was a very obvious clue for the viewer, and frankly it was annoying considering we could all see it on screen and she didn’t even notice. Such teases you are.


In what I call the quickest closure ever in television, we see Hanna a bit sad, talking to the girls about her breakup with Caleb. Not very long after that, Travis comes into the picture. Ever so obvious that he has a crush on her. It is only a matter of time before she falls for him, for sure. However, I don’t see what’s wrong with having her being single. There are other issues the writers could tackle without her being in a relationship, unlike the rest of her friends.


Ezra, who is now creep of the century, goes to Hanna’s house and tries to look for the diary. However, in a very obvious twist of events, the girls end up in the middle of the woods and Aria suggests her ‘uncle’s cabin’.

We have all been there, the uncle lie was a bad one, but we all have friends who don’t like our boyfriends/partners/etc. Give the girl a break. Once inside the cabin, standard plot: girls get separated, some get locked in, some are outside and the fear kicks in. By the time they are all free, the diary is gone. Everyone needs a friend like Spencer who takes pictures of every document that touches her hand. Good on you gal.

There is also something very fishy going on between Spencer’s dad and Alison’s mum. Spencer will not give up that easily and she will dig for the truth until her nails are dirty.

It was good to have an episode with a bit of everything. Drama and mystery were top of the list, but it was also nice to see a flashback of Hanna’s past. This rounds up the story a lot. No doubt we will see a lot more of the other girls’ secrets.


Toby owns a loft? Only in this show I swear.

The Busy Bee Inn. Not so busy anymore, huh?

A has so many skills it is a waste he/she is always plotting in secret. I wanna look at his/her CV, must be so impressive.

A can also apparently alter the information on your GPS, so beware!


The clothes in the show have changed. The girls are growing up, so it’s refreshing to not see the stereotypes of emo, sporty, geeky and girly so in our faces!


The Ninja’s Assistant


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