Ravenswood – Season 1 Episode 7 – Home is Where the Heart is , seriously check the floorboards Review


A hell of a name for an episode that was equally as tangled as it was deconstructed. Ravenswood keeps spilling the beans without making any sense. It is like a two year old trying to explain the theory of relativity to you. It just isn’t going to happen.

Remy draws like a lunatic while she’s sleepwalking. The drawings tell her a spirit or some sort of supernatural being is angry with them all, for witnessing the Townsend pact.


Luke and Olivia’s mum gets arrested again, with Luke in tow because he was being ‘aggressive’. I wanted to cheer for him ‘be aggressive, be be aggressive’! I hate when on TV they portray police as some sort of Gods, when they can also be in the wrong. The cops in this show look like bored suburbian po po, so being forceful towards a woman won’t help much.


Also, Ray Collins is there to save the day and find a lawyer for Luke’s mum. Although everyone hates him, we had a chance to see him interacting with Grunwald and it was extremely cute.


Speaking of Grunwald, her mother is the other ghost! The girls did some research and found she was one of the teenagers to die back then. She knows all the secrets of the jars (that sounds ridiculous) but she won’t talk. She wants to be ‘left alone’.


Caleb’s dad is back in the picture. Henry Rivers dies, (the old guy Caleb went to see) and suddenly, they have a brand-new home. He also discusses his breakup with Hanna. I can’t help but feel this is the writers totally disconnecting both shows and mainly Caleb from Pretty Little Liars. It is good to see him building a relationship with his dad. It is even better to see him getting out of that hell hole where he is crashing now.

The show is trying to give us more, but it is overdoing it. So far, there are two ghosts in the Collins house (that we know of), Remy has weird dreams, Olivia’s boyfriend, Dylan hangs out with mini-devil, Springer is a weirdo, Caleb is a reincarnation of his old self? I mean it’s all too much. There’s a pact, dead teens, dead soldiers, a dead dad, procedural plot… and the list goes on and on and on.


This week though, no scary jumps.

Who knows? Perhaps next week there will be some answers to how this is all unfolding.


Olivia makes me sad, she is always alone and miserable. Her cleaning spree though, hilarious.

There is so much to catch up with, that sometimes it’s easy to forget week after week which character’s plot they’re dealing with.

The show is filmed under such dark lighting sometimes, that it is not scary, it’s just plain dark. There is no need to make a conversation between Caleb and his dad out side look like they’re in a dungeon. At this point it’s clear that Ravenswood is a scary place no need to over do it, again.

The Ninja’s Assistant


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