The Mindy Project – Season 2 Episode 13 – LA Review

ImageThis week Mindy, Peter and Danny all went to LA so that they could learn more about cosmetic injectables. What’s clear from the start is that Danny couldn’t care less, and the other two want to tear it up in the City of Angels Entourage style.


Recently, the show’s seen a downturn in the ratings, and there’s even been rumours that the show is circling the drain. FOX were quick to try and shut down the chatter, saying that even though the show isn’t where they want it to be in the ratings they’ll stick by it, and more importantly, by Mindy who writes the show. Who knows what’s going to happen, but I think the show will still be here next year.

Peter is obsessed with finding Maria Menounos in LA after their one night stand in New York, and fails miserably, getting on the local news in the process.

ImageMorgan finds his way onto the trip and sets off to hang out with Danny (tricking him into spending time with his father).

Mindy’s ever volatile love life comes to a head in this episode where she gets caught on camera with her ex, Casey at a party in LA – and current flame, Cliff, ain’t too happy about it.

ImageChris Messina and Ike Barinholtz made this episode for me (that, and Mindy’s Jonny Drama impression). Morgan tries to do something nice for Danny and it backfires for him, at least at first try. His trick seems to work, and it looks like Danny might cave. Developing their relationship was a good idea, because it’s the one least often visited. If anything, though, I kind of missed Dr Reed. Maybe it’s because I’m English too that I find him funny, but he cracks me up. A LOT.

Mindy’s love life is left in limbo at the end of LA, and I’m sure we’ll see it tied up soon. In two episodes time, we’ll probably have forgetten all about Cliff, and there’ll be someone else in the picture. Maybe Casey will come and open a franchise of his sneaker company in New York…

Tune in next week for all things Mindy,

The Ninja


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