The Originals – Season 1 Episode 10 – The Casket Girls Review


In the French Quarter this week they celebrated The Casket Girls, women that were brought from France to Louisiana to be married to colonists. What set these women apart was that they were usually taken from Orphanages and Convents, and were almost guaranteed to be virgins. As we saw at the start of the episode, most of them were unfortunately not married off to nice people (Men, right?). The episode opened in 1751, with a group of Casket Girls arriving to New Orleans.

ImageAnnnyway, the city was set alight with The Casket Girls party, which set a nice little backdrop to the episode. The network loved doing this kind of thing on The Vampire Diaries before Klaus and the gang moved over to their own show, setting a new ball or festival every week to try to keep things fresh. They’ve been a lot more sparing with these moments in The Originals already, and have successfully cut all ties with Mystic Falls.

This week’s episode was split into two parts, with Klaus, Elijah and Marcel searching for Davina and Hayley helping the witches look for their sister, Celeste (Poor Elijah, what’s he gunna say?). I’ve been really enjoying things so far this season, and think The CW did the smartest thing in the last few years by giving them a show of their own (I mean, I’d watch the show even if Klaus was the only character).

It seemed like an overarching theme this week was Girls vs Boys. Within two minutes of the episode opening we see Rebekah save a carriage full of casket girls, setting the episode off. Hayley teamed up with Sophie Devereaux, and has to dig through Elijah’s stuff to find out where he buried the witches body. And in one of the smartest moves of the last ten episodes, Rebekah proves to Davina that she’s the only one she can trust, setting in motion Rebekah’s plan to take New Orleans “out from under all of them.”  Rebekah’s little monologue at the end confirmed it for us, and proves that in this show you can’t underestimate the girls (Because Davina, too, is ridiculously badass).

ImageImageElijah got back on his feet pretty quickly, though, because he had to dash off to have this moment with Hayley.


Within ten episodes, we can already see that The Vampire Diaries really misses Klaus and his siblings, and that The Originals is having a hell of a lot of fun on it’s own. Who needs Mystic Falls, anyway?


– Davina is so bad ass now!

– Elijah’s going to be soooooooo pissed.

– Camille rinsed Klaus so hard at the end of the episode that I almost felt sorry for him. She left him cowering like a little kitten.


The Ninja


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