Trophy Wife – Season 1 Episode 12 – The Punisher Review


This week’s episode opens up with Warren and Hilary doing some Jackass like stunts. Warren was getting fixed up to dive into the pool from the roof and have his sister film it, before Kate came in and busted them. She has a go at parenting and tries to tell them off, but it backfires majorly, and she has a situation on her hands that only one person can solve. She calls Diane, who has a few tips about punishing her kids. Diane doesn’t “have time to empathise,” so she lays down a few home truths and bails on Kate to go to work.

Meanwhile, Jackie (Isn’t she the best?) and Pete are called into school to talk about Bert; they think it’s time to spend a day together, just the three of them (his teacher sorta suggested it). Bert wants to go to mini golf, which ties them in for the next four or so hours. There’s goes Pete’s dream of a five minutes ice cream stop.

The situation at the house spirals out of control, and Kate loses it, the bleep-o-meter taking over for a good thirty seconds. What was great about this episode is that we can see Kate is finally settling into her role of the new mom. It’s been a steep learning curve for Kate so far, and in twelve episodes she’s done her best to go from party girl to mom, and is learning all the time. It’s a lesson in parenting, that it’s a fine line between friend and foe, and that you have to tread the line carefully to exert your authority.

ImageCome the end of the episode, Kate had them right where she wants them. In one episode we’ve seen the ditzy Kate transform into a crazy lady with a penchant for punishment. The kids will think twice next time they try to mess her around!

Kate’s friend Meg is a great addition, and is always going to serve as a reminder of how far Kate has come, and even her line, “You know I’m a sucker for virgins,” didn’t feel out of place. Instead of this being a teen dramedy, it’s a show that very much sees things through the eyes of the adult characters. I still can’t decide who my favourite character is, although I’ll admit, I’m leaning towards Jackie.


Have a good one,

The Ninja


– Jackie kills me everytime. “Yeah, we definitely don’t do that…around Bert.’

– More Bert!

– The Legal Erotica was hilarious – The Magistrate’s Lover, anyone?


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