Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 17 – The Naked Truth Review

ImageBen and the gang came back from hiatus last night, and gave us an episode that very much set up where the rest of the season is going, but before we get there, let’s have a little look at where we we’re in December. Ben finally got the courage to tell Riley how he feels, and she reciprocated. Danny got dumped and Tucker, well, he’s just plain old Tucker.

Ben’s ex Angela is still hanging around, and as well as faking spending time with Emma, it’s clear she’s got a plan to get between Ben and Riley. Tucker tells Ben that all him and Riley need is “to get past Naked.” Riley doesn’t think it’s a terrible idea, but her timing could have been better…

ImageDanny’s still not over his ex, and Tucker decides to take him out, where he crashes and burns terribly for a while. Ben gets a hotel room and sets up a trail for Riley to follow, and of course the whole gang gets in on it (because how likely is it that Danny and Tucker will just happen to be on the same floor, of the same hotel).

I still like this show a lot, but there’s something that’s not quite right. Ben’s always messing things up, and I think it’s a better fit if the Rigantor hooks up with Danny (C’mon, it’s gunna happen). Tucker’s been toned down A LOT this season, and it works for him, he’s still got enough of his Tuckster mentalness, just much less stupid.


Emma’s still as cute as ever, and I think they need to make her the focus of things again. The show was so much better when it was about these three guys who could barely look after themselves step up and become a three way tag-team of parenting, and when Bonnie was on the screen a bit more. She’s hilarious. Put her back in, coach.


Sorry for the slow posting today, it’s been a busy one,

The Ninja


– Is Angela going to be a regular character?

– Will Ben and Riley ever get together?

– More Bonnie!


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