Suburgatory – Season 3 Episode 1 – No Me Gusta, Mami Review


A new season has started and so has a new beggining, sort of…

This week, Suburgatory gave its viewers an explanation and a resolution to last season’s cliffhanger. Tessa is now living in an apartment with her mum in Chatswin, while George is living the single life at his unfurnished house. This doesn’t last long, because Alex, Tessa’s mum leaves again. Also, because Malin  Åkerman is now in Trophy Wife.


George and Tessa are back to living together, and they have a new friend; George’s dog Buckles. We also get to see Dallas and Dalia! However, Dalia is upset because of the break-up and she misses George. Dallas, being the determined woman she is goes as far as allowing Dalia to have ‘twerking’ accountants. It’s hilarious to watch.

ImageLets not forget about Sheila. It’s all about Sheila. This time, she is determined to get rid of George’s dog because he is a stray. She sneaks into his house and shoots him with her tranquilising ‘stick’.


It is obvious it was the first episode of the season. Considering the writers only had a 20 min episode to re-adapt the show to where it was in the beginning, they didn’t do badly. There is a great balance between scenes, and the characters are so diverse there is always a laugh in store.

I love Sheila, and I can’t wait to see more of her and Dalia. That girl just kills me. Surely, as the episodes air, we will see more of a plot developing, however, I am happy with where it’s going. Now that Ryan is gone Tessa needs a fresh romance and George needs to fix things with Dallas. It will be a fun ride I’m sure.


Lisa is looking great!

Yakult and Buckles anybody?

Somehow, I wouldn’t hate Chatswin that much.

The Ninja’s Assistant


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