Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 12 – Under Pressure Review


Under Pressure is very much an episode about role reversals and is a bit of a time-warp episode. The adult members of the group (minus Mitchell) go to the school’s open day, where they get to spend a day learning about the schooling of their kids, what goes down in each class etc. Manny’s got a desire to be in the model UN, and as only one student will get chosen Gloria decides to try and sweet talk the teacher. She’s not the only one who’s got that idea..


We also see Alex’s sweet 16, an event she’s keen to get on with and wants as little fuss as possible. She eventually has a melt down, and loses it. The next day she tells her parents she’s checking into therapy, and that’s that. She’s afraid of having another meltdown and worries that the rest of her family don’t get her.

ImageMitchell tries to get to know his neighbour (the environmentalist) but in the meantime ends up destroying the guys’ garden.

ImageIt was really fun to see all the parents back in school. You can tell it’s been a while, and they may have forgotten the rules a little bit.

ImageThis moment was just hilarious, and even though the item in question was a flask filled with booze, we’ve all been caught passing notes around class, so it really hit home. I couldn’t stop laughing, especially when Jay turned on Phil because of it. Classic!

I really want to see more of Lily. She comes out with so many hilarious comments, that I don’t see why she’s left out of things. Right at the end of the show, she drops a classic line that had me in stitches. I feel like ever since Hayley came back from college the show has focused more on the adults and what’s going on with them. While we need more of that, the kids are where the comedy gold is at in this (You can go ahead and include Phil in that, cause he’s the biggest kid of them all).


Another decent episode from the Family. Let’s see where they take us next.

The Ninja


– More Lily!!!!

– Is Joe’s nanny on holiday or something?


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