Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 11 – New Beginnings Review

The town of Pawnee has Leslie back from Paris! After her well-deserved holiday/honeymoon, she’s back to the Parks Department. She wants to take her job as Deputy Director back and as we all know, there is no stopping her.

ImageLeslie is back, however, the office has been running fine without her. This seems to freak her out a bit, I mean who wouldn’t be? So, she proceeds to being a bit bossy, and generally wanting to take control of what she considers ‘her house’.



As she takes over one of Tom’s presentations, she is forced by Ron to give him a chance, and surprise surprise he delivers. 

It was good to see everyone doing things right, as messed up as the department can be. April and the rest of the office however, are playing a prank on Ben. Shockingly, it backfires and it is Ben who surprises them.

Ann Perkins and Chris are such a funny pair. They decide since they are expecting, to get married. However, once they get to the jewelry shop, indecision sets in and it is a roller-coaster of pros and cons. Unconventional people do unconventional things, and in the heat of the moment, they even got a free locket. Good mojo.


This episode it was Ron playing the responsible role, guiding his peers. However, I miss the good old Ron, with his sarcasm. Why has he been put in the corner? As missing as he may be, when it comes to giving advice he made his presence felt. He guided Tom and had faith in him, and also told Leslie she was good at her job. Mainly because that office would not run without her if she hadn’t taught them all so well. Aww.

That’s it.



April and Ron together! We miss their quality time!

Tom’s business card probably says: Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department, Business Liaison. It sounds ridiculous

I am not opposed to the Parks and Rec-rootation. Are Kangaroos the new puppies?


The Ninja’s Assistant



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