The Middle – Season 5 Episode 11 – War of the Hecks Review

Picture 61

It’s winter break in the Heck household, and Axel and his mess are there. After Frankie tells him to clean his room, Axel does what any older brother would do: tell his siblings to do it for him.

As the cleaning spree starts, Sue discovers it was Axel who stole her school mascot head, so she goes mental and war is declared. It’s always exciting to see Sue, even more when she is standing up to her brother. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when Sue burns Axel’s football shirt by mistake. After that, the war of hate turns into a war of affection as Sue tries to make things normal with her brother before he goes back to college. For once, we also see little Brick stuck in the middle. It’s usually him who wants to be left alone, but this time he is the one who tries to fix his siblings’ relationship.
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Frankie and Mike have to say goodbye to Colin Firth, the dog. It turns out Frankie’s boss, Dr Goodwin had lost his dog, and well, in the end Frankie did the right thing. Sometimes what we have can be better for others, and that’s where the good is at.

Picture 64


The episode was very nice, the emotional moment between Axel and Sue was really cute and it reminded me why I keep watching.


Mike’s HRF – Hostile Resting Face

Now that Axel is gone again, I hope he keeps coming back to Orson, he is clearly missed.

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