The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 13 – High School Reunion Review


It’s hard dealing with our choices in the present, so having to travel to the past is no easy task. High School Reunion was an episode about truths and definitely moving on.


As Marty and Debbie prepare for their high school reunion, the nerves start to show. Marty’s former band mates are coming to town, and gosh aren’t they handsome. Mark McGrath makes an appearance, as does Scott’s dad (Matthew del Negro) from Teen Wolf. It was fun to see a bit of the Weavers’ life before they met the aliens.


Debbie has some problems of her own, as we discover she was pretty much the ‘Yoko’ who split Marty’s band. She had made out with every single member. Oh youth.


Meanwhile, there’s the kids. Max, Dick and Abby are determined to get Amber and Reggie back together. However, as much as they try to ‘Parent Trap’ them, there is no way back. Amber and Reggie end up giving them a chat about life and relationships. Again, I love how grown-up this show is with the children.


At the high school reunion, Jackie steals someone’s tag and embraces a new persona, Lorraine. It was hilarious seeing her portray a woman from New Jersey. Jackie you’re the best. Larry, her better half is embracing his new found talent. He is a guitar genius and ends up stealing the spotlight from his dear friend and neighbor, Marty.


In the end everybody is conflicted and upset. Even though we see a sad Marty, who is not only out of the band but also discovers his wive’s teenage affairs, he finds the strength in music to pull through. And he sang to his wife and they kissed. The way all the characters interact is always fun, and when it’s serious it truly gives out a positive message.


What’s up with people on TV shows eating cucumbers from their eyes? It’s gross!

Debbie telling Marty that he was the ‘best choice’ was very romantic, too bad it took him a while to process the idea.

Gotta hand it to Dick, Abby and Max. Those kids are clever!

Jackie always looks amazing. Team Jackie!


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