Grimm – Season 3 Episode 11 – The Good Soldier Review


Yay! For the first time ever I now feel a little qualified to comment on Grimm’s monsters. Last week, I complained about how I could never differentiate them, I could hardly tell the names apart (Mr German is dodgy at best)! Having spent a few weeks learning about all things Wesen (because Rosalee is a Fuschbau, and I know what that is now), I really enjoyed the fact that the show kept on with this theme, as well as introducing this week’s bad boy, the Manticor.


Let’s talk about Rosalee. She decides to get back in touch with her family after eight years (only to cement the Wesen thing). It was nice to have a little more back story, although the timing was a bit odd. Everyone’s favourite character, Monroe, has found an absolute keeper in Rosalee, and so I almost had a heart attack when her mom and sis let slip about the drug addiction and jail time she had dealt with. Way to cover up a past, Rosalee! Did her sister need to tell Monroe what she’ll do to him if he hurts Rosalee? (Quick change of heart there, sister.)

The first victim this week was Kirk Acevedo. I’m more used to seeing him in Fringe (let’s not talk about Fringe :'(….), and it was nice to see him get a cameo, no matter how short. He only made it about five minutes and…BOOM..Manticor time.



Nick’s still running around, dropping Grimm bombs on people. Why do they always freak out? Maybe we’ll never know. This week they’re chasing something Nick’s never heard of, something called a Manticor, that has the tail of a scorpion but the face of a lion (pretty badass, right?). Maybe it’s just me, but I always find the beasts a little too cute, and whenever they’re supposed to be terrifying, they never really are. I want the show to be a little darker sometimes, with less beasts that look like mice and rabbits, and more that are like big cats (anyone remember the white tiger dude?).


Dat Fuschbau….

The female suspect the guys brought in was obviously not the Manticor, because she looked more like a bird than a lion. I’m glad that we didn’t get a ten minute scene explaining what she is, because we didn’t need it. She disappeared as quickly as she’s shown up, and there was no need to build it up. Nice one! What I did like about her was that it was such an instant thing, and within one second it was blindingly obvious that she wasn’t the killer.


I’m still taken in by Grimm, and it’s still one of my favourite, but its like a Mexican dish without the chilli. You get a little flavour here and there, and the main components work well, it’s just missing something spicy.

Keep the good times rolling, guys, and now we’re up to date with the Fuschbau Wesen, let’s have a little something else. It’s hard to keep up with the German terms, but it does give the show a little more authenticity, and sticks true to what the original stories were all about.

See you next Friday, Grimm.

The Ninja


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