2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 14 – And The Dumpster Sex Review

ImageAgain, in And The Dumpster Sex was an episode that centered around Deke and Max’s new relationship, and she takes a step forward, and goes to his house. She gets a little surprise, as Deke doesn’t live in a conventional house. He’s got a tricked out dumpster.

ImageCaroline deals with the ‘rap car’, a car that’s been parked outside the cupcake shop and is driving away customers. She asks them to move on, and worries that the gangsters are coming after her when people start asking around for ‘the skinny blonde.’

ImageShe also get’s a little surprise at work. The ‘gangster’ guy who’s been chasing her about drops into the diner to give her a gift. She freaks, but it’s a funny moment because he gives her a mix tape and wants to take her out for dinner.

ImageCaroline freaks when Max comes into the flat, and spills hot water all over her foot. The guys go off to the emergency room and as they’ve no insurance, there’s not much to do. They sit, and Caroline demands to be seen (you can take the girl out of the rich…)

ImageIt was great to see Max and Deke happy together. He’s a great actor that brings a lot of comedy to the show, but in a different way. It adds to the overall group, instead of replacing any single character. Let’s hope he’s here to stay, because Max’s boyfriends seem to disappear way too quickly. Plus, the dumpster’s a pretty cool little crib!

ImageI could have done with a bit more Oleg, though!

Keep it up, girls.

The Ninja


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