Being Human (US) – Season 4 Episode 2 – That Time of the Month Review


Holy guacamole! Being Human is on fire! This episode gave us a bit of everything without giving away too much.

Sally acquires Donna’s powers, so let’s say she is now a super ghost. She travels along her planes, and eventually finds Donna’s book of spells.


In what was the quickest convincing ever, she persuades Nora and Aidan to help her do the spell. Now, trick question. What type of blood do they need? Vampire? No. Werewolf? No… It needs to be the blood of a woman who is going through her cycle. You know, the women’s cycle, the moon’s cycle, it all goes hand in hand. At first, it seemed like the spell wouldn’t work, but it did in the most unexpected way. Josh literally came out of the wolf, like Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma.


Aidan had an adventure of his own when he bumped into Suzanna, his wife from the good old days. It was good to have a bit of back story and know more about her. It turns out she didn’t drown, but was turned by James Bishop (the same man who turned Aidan). In a quick change of events, she turns and ends up killing her own son Isaac. It was truly gruesome.


After Sally’s attempt to save Josh, she realises she can time travel. I wonder where this is gonna go. Perhaps she will travel back to the past and save Aidan’s son?

Anyhow, now that Josh is back at home and ready to start his new life, things are not looking up. His eyes were shining, and since that was the closing scene, I am sure this won’t be the end of it.

Good episode, clearly used to provide clarity for the future.


It must be truly weird to see your significant other after so many years.

Aidan is totally a leather jacket guy.

Is this Kat and Aidan thing going anywhere or is it just a phase?


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