Castle – Season 6 Episode 13 – Limelight Review

ImageIn Limelight, we have another pretty bog standard episode of all things procedural and Castle. Mandy Sutton, Castle’s version of Lady Gaga leaves her limo, only to be killed moments later. The issues start when her mom goes to identify the body and it isn’t her. She’s hungover as hell, and is staying at a hotel in town. The guys go in to find her and take her to the station.

ImageWe learn that the victim was actually a double to distract the paparazzi, and Mandy is advised to stay indoors and keep a low profile as she was the probable target and is still in danger. As usual, we go through a few suspects until we get to the real killer, and it couldn’t have been more obvious who was the killer.

ImageAlexis befriends Mandy, and as they go to see a friend of Mandys (schoolboy error no.1) they’re spotted and put themselves both in danger. Alexis laments over Pi, and talks to Mandy about how she’s not sure she made the right move with him. After how drained I was earlier in the season from the teen angst surrounding Alexis and Pi, I’m over it, especially when the kid is turning up at Castle’s flat at 6.45am. (Bad move kid.) Please, let me recover before we’re thrown back into it again.

Mandy’s ex shows up, draws a gun on them and takes them hostage. He explains to Mandy that he was being payed to hook up with Mandy’s double to the tune of 25 grand. The team set off in search of who took the pictures, and how they were leaked (both guys claim they were tipped off). Both tips came from the same phone and whoever has it, is the killer. Even though we all knew who the killer was, it was way too easy for them to tie up.

Castle and Beckett’s wedding is still taking up some of centre stage, and it is beginning to drag out. It’s been quite a while now, and I don’t feel like the payoff is living up the excitement we all felt when they first (and finally) got together. In Limelight, we see Castle’s own struggles with the paps, as he is reported to be getting back together with his exwife, after having been seen in a restaurant. To end the episode, Beckett reveals that she leaked news of the engagement to the press to stop all the idiocy.

ImageLet’s get these two married ASAP so that we can go back to the goofy cases we all know and love.

Until next week, Castle,

The Ninja


– “It’d be pretty fun, Space,” Castle said at the end. Firefly anyone?

– How many espressos did you nail to stay awake through Limelight?


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