Helix – Season One Episode Three – 274 Review

We found a few more things out this week about the guys up in the Arctic. We learned that firstly, all the infected will now be known as Vectors. Alan and the crew test everyone and separate the Vectors from the people that aren’t infected.

Balleseros is as dodgy as ever, too. He went out with Dr Boyle and showed her the frozen monkeys, and they take a cheeky biopsy of one of the monkeys to find out what they’re dealing with.

ImageThe original sample went missing from the lab (duh, duh, duhhh), and this time, when they actually managed to get things moving, it went CRAZY!

ImageBalleseros and his peeps back at base think the outbreak was intentional.

Hitaki tells Alan a bit more about what they do in the facility up there. They’ve been growing all kinds of deadly viruses in a bid to get some cures. Hitaki also tells him that they’ve cultivated something that cures 100% of all viruses, but it only has about a 25% success rate (Not sure how much you wanna throw that out there, bro). Alan has a mini nerdgasm and runs through a list of all the badass viruses out there that could be stopped.


Balleseros blows up the satellites (not really sure why), and in a final twist to the episode, it seems that the test didn’t really work, and that Vectors and the other guys are all mixed up (there goes the Quarantine).


Again, I’ve got the same issues this week that I did last time around. They’re giving things away pretty quickly and I can’t see Helix going for too long unless there’s a huge switch up (Homeland style).

Check in for more Helix next week,

The Ninja


– No shiz the monkeys were scared, think we got that already!

– Who’s more dodgy, Hitaki or Balleseros?


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