How I Met Your Mother – Season 9 Episode 15 – Unpause Review


We opened this week with a scene of Ted and his future wife at the Farhampton Inn in the year 2017, when she’s going into labour. Barney’s still feeling the slap from last week, and Lily and Marshall are still on a pause.


Barney gets to a level of drunk where he can only tell the truth, and so Ted and Robin set about asking him everything.


It was fun, we had a few snapshots into Barney’s different levels of drunkness, and a lot of home truths. (“In a night? 4.”) (“In the same family? 3.”) (“Yes, but not while she was Secretary of State.”) Classic Barney! He lets slip that Robin is pretty rich, and he finally explains what he does for a job. Please, was the real answer, after all.


Robin quickly figures out that Barney is the company’s fall guy, and as he has to ‘sign everything,’ he’ll be at the front of the queue when the coppers come calling. We see a snapshot a few months into the future when Barney tells his original boss that it’s all been a plan, getting revenge for his ex-girlfriend. The Feds bust in and that’s that.

Lily and Marshall eventually un-pause, but we don’t see the outcome. Lily leaves the Inn, just as we jump back to 2017, with Ted and his future wife making their way to the hospital. In a great little touch, we see the time, and Ted tells his son, Luke, that he’s the exception to the rule. The only good thing to ever happen after two am.


It seems that they’re actually getting married next week (Robin and Barney, that is), and I can’t wait. Even though the show is winding down, and is well past its best, I’ll be watching happily to see what happens at the wedding and after.

Let’s just hope it’s good!

The Ninja


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