Revenge – Season 3 Episode 13 – Hatred Review


When you think you have seen the true colours of Revenge, you realise there is always more.

This week Emily pulled out her stitches and some stunts of her own. Now that Daniel is flaunting his affair with Sarah, Emily is pulling all the stops to make sure she wins Daniel back.

All of Emily’s attempts to get rid of Sarah fail, but it is clear to us viewers that she is so much more similar to Victoria than we ever expected. It was great to see Victoria actually telling Daniel that his wife is basically, a Vicky Grayson in the making.

However, it’s never that simple in Grayson Manor, especially now that Daniel is determined to make Emily’s life a living hell, having Sarah at home, drinking champagne.

I genuinely hate Sarah. She represents the woman that we should all hate. Granted, she is in love with Daniel, but hello girl, he put you in a coma. Despite all of Emily’s lies, I thought Sarah would have a bit more self respect than just act like a gold-digging whore. That’s exactly what it looks like. Love is never a good thing when you date a Grayson and I am sure she will find out the hard way.


Margot’s article was edited and published, with the wrong information. It was all strategically planned by Conrad, just to sue the publication and end up buying Daniel’s shares. I have learned to love Margot. She might not have had a very clear role this season, but it was nice to see her as a dedicated working woman, more than just a Hamptons’ socialite. Points for telling Conrad that she would accept to give him the shares. After all, she knows that getting involved in Grayson issues can kill anyone’s reputation.

Nolan told Patrick the truth about his real father. This revelation forced Patrick to speak to Victoria and finally get some answers. In the biggest twist I have ever seen in this show, we get to see a very frightened Vicky, telling her son about who her father was. In short, she was a victim of rape at the age of 15. Seeing her shake and cry and tell Patrick her side of the story, wow, just wow. She turned my fear for Victoria Grayson (let’s face it, she is terrifying), into a wonderful roller coaster of emotion. It was as if my brain said ‘ooohhh now I get it’. There is always a first time to see someone’s emotions and this was her opportunity.


Now we know that the first Mrs Grayson is back (first time we see her too), Victoria might have an encounter with Patrick’s dad, and Sarah was disowned by her mother, you know, for being a slag.

Overall very gripping and gossipy. However, it seems like there are plenty of cliffhangers, something which is new to Revenge. I want to see what happens to all the other characters, now that it seems to be less focused on Emily.


Why is Emily losing track of time? Is she still sick? Is she being drugged?

Let’s hope for everyone’s sake she is not sleeping with Conrad because that would just be … ew!

Get Sarah out of the picture!!! She clearly has more bark than bite and it is annoying. If I thought Amanda was a bad-ish character, she is wayyy worse.

The Ninja’s Assistant


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