Brooklyn Nine Nine – Season 1 Episode 14 – The Ebony Falcon Review

ImageThis week’s visit to Brooklyn was split up in two parts. First, Peralta and Boyle speak to Captain Holt about drafting The Sarge into their team for the gym case. They’re infiltrating (or Gym-filtrating) a local Gym, and a distribution ring while their at it. They want ‘The Ebony Falcon’ to pose as a trainer and get close to their suspect. Holt agrees, but is concerned Terry’s not ready to go back into the field.

ImageThey jump right in, and as usual (at least at first) Peralta screws things up (What a surprise!). Peralta being a bit of an idiot is overdone in the show, and it would be great at some point to see him do something noble, just so we connect with him a little better because he’s too abrasive right now. He blows their cover, and they’ve lost the element of surprise. Boyle was a bit of a no show while in the gym itself, and it was more focused on Jake and Terry (Maybe Boyle was out buying something for Rosa). The guys bring their suspect in, and The Ebony Falcon gets down to work in the interrogation room.

ImageGina’s flat is broken into, giving us the second part of the episode. Rosa and Amy take charge, but Gina’s not impressed. She files an official civilian complaint to Holt, leaving the girls in hot water. Gina even drafts in a private investigator to sort the robbery out, but he seemed to disappear pretty quickly…at least he had a good ad…

ImageThey follow protocol, and even turn up a lock of Mario Lopez’s hair (not to mention the three homemade Joseph Gordon-Levitt dolls. Just Lolz!). Even Gina’s surprised that the hair she bought at auction was actually real! What is it with Mario Lopez these days? He’s everywhere!

ImageThe girls eventually step up, and realise that Gina’s vulnerable, and that they would be too if they got broken into and weren’t cops. They decide to walk her home, and check everything out before letting her in, something that helps rebuild their relationship at the same time.

Peralta’s love for Amy was put on the back burner this week, and outside of Boyle’s comment to Rosa about long walks on the beach, we didn’t revisit his feelings again either. This formula works better, and even though we need the love stories to create comedy in tense situations, there’s enough of the funny without it.


Stick to what you do best, Brooklyn Nine Nine,


The Ninja


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