Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 15 – Galvanize Review


Three words. What the hell?!

Galvanize was an episode about a crazy electrical engineer who is determined to kill the ‘kids with glowing eyes’. Glowing eyes you say? I suppose that meant trouble for Scott and the rest of the gang.

Not only had this crazy psycho blown up a bomb and killed four people, but by the time he made it to the ER, flies were coming out of his chest. I mean, what the hell? Of course, when flies come out of your body, use the chance to escape and go kill more kids, find them glowing bitches.

During all this craziness, Scott is busy having dinner at Kira’s house. Turns out he is a sushi virgin, and it was quite cute, yet awkward to see them being all lovey-dovey. At first I didn’t understand why it was necessary to show them having dinner with her parents, but oh how did it all unfold in the end. Wowza.


Meanwhile at school, Lydia and Stiles are digging to find out where the killer is and try to stop him. I love them together, that’s why I was a bit like ‘wah wah’ when the twins returned. They want to be a part of Scott’s pack, but nobody trusts them. Lydia of course, trusted Aiden enough to make out with him in the coach’s office. Standard.

In the end, Scott wakes up to realise that Kira was kidnapped by William aka Psycho of the day. When he goes to rescue her along with Stiles and Lydia, it turns out, she needs to scream to unleash her Banshee powers. Not only is she smart, but girl’s got lungs.


The biggest surprise of the evening wasn’t Lydia’s screaming or Allison being busted ‘pre sex’ with Isaac by her dad (Awkward). It was Kira absorbing electricity! Yes, just before the psycho was ready to galvanize her like he did to Scott, she absorbed the electricity and the guy died!

ImageClearly the plot for this episode was a bit all over the shop, however it was necessary to introduce Kira’s supernatural ability. I really like her and I love the show. Despite all the raucous moments, action was never missing. This show grips me to the sofa and there’s nothing I can do about it.


The analogy from Stiles to Scott about him being the hottest girl was awesome.

Enough with the Nokia sponsorship. Once is ok, but twice? Damn, that must pay for Allison’s wonderful wardrobe.

Derek and his uncle made a ritual but it really wasn’t worth talking about because well, we found out squat.

The Ninja’s Assistant


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