Criminal Minds – Season 9 Episode 13 – The Road Home Review

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Although Criminal Minds has been on the air for a long time, it’s still worth reviewing because it keeps us entertained. While shows like CSI are more procedural, this one involves a bit more thinking, solving mental puzzles in order to find the killer.

This episode has two stories, one about a spree killer who is just murdering everyone around, and the story of Rossi helping out his alcoholic friend.

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The killer story is very interesting because we rarely see spree killers in the show. It was a breath of fresh air considering they have been drowning us with back stories for their characters. Thankfully, the Rossi story was left in the background and we could focus on the murders.

This man had lost his wife and son during a house robbery. The killer had gone to prison, and was killed the day before he was supposed to leave. Obviously, this was the trigger for the poor widower to go killing everyone related to this man. The drug dealers, those who testified in his favour, etc.

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It was intense, yet very standard. We see them profiling and eventually finding the guy.

Hopefully they will go deeper and try to make more intricate cases, but at this rate it seems as if they’re just focusing on the main characters and giving them personalities. The problem is that after nine seasons, we are already attached to them, we like them and know them. Please more mystery and less emotion.


Matthew Gray-Gubler has to direct another episode! They’re always so creepy and intense!

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